Rebranding Signage

Rebranding Signage Across Multiple Sites: Where to Begin

Along with refreshing building interiors, rebranding signage is one of the most significant undertakings — and investments — of any brand revitalization or launch.

Depending on your brand and the number of locations in your footprint, you might have anywhere from a few to a few hundred or a few thousand rebranding signage points (or more) that need to be touched. These might include:

  • Illuminated exterior storefront signage
  • Monument, pillar, or street signage
  • Exterior and interior wayfinding signage
  • Digital signage and graphics boards
  • Signage on kiosks and service points
  • Overhangs, canopies, and wraparounds (such as with ATMs)

Equally important, rebranding signage points must be completed within a specific timeframe to prevent any confusion for your customers and to maintain your competitive image. Too much time between the rebrand announcement and when signage rebrands are completed casts negative attention to the program and makes you appear like you’re unable to execute or control your locations.

While there’s much that goes into rebranding signage for multi-site organizations, the following process provides a framework for success. Let’s dig in!

Find Your Implementation Partner

Naturally, your first step will be identifying the brand implementation company you want to work with for rebranding signage across multiple sites. At Stratus, our expertise in multi-site brand implementation, extensive portfolio of successful programs, in-house signage manufacturing capabilities, warehousing and logistics, and installation services make us the ideal partner for your organization. Virtually every aspect of rebranding signage can be managed by our team and executed by a nationwide network of more than 2,300 field partners. We communicate closely at all times throughout your program and make financial and operational documentation available through our online portal. With Stratus, you’ll know where your program stands 24/7.

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Determine Timeline and Scope

While program details will be discussed prior to formally launching our program, we’ll work together to ensure the timeline is identified. This will be essential as it will determine how the program is planned and executed. We’ll also map out its complete scope, such as whether the program is focusing on exterior signage only, or if other brand elements like digital signage, interior graphics, and wayfinding signage should be included. Thanks to our manufacturing capabilities, just about every signage point can be developed through Stratus — providing you with greater cost efficiency and simplifying the production process overall.

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Conduct Due Diligence

Due diligence is one of the most important steps in rebranding signage across multiple sites. Even if your locations follow a similar architectural and brand design, every community has its own signage and construction requirements. Permitting can look very different from one area to the next. Due diligence, conducted by your brand implementation partner, ensures that all standard and unique requirements across your footprint are proactively identified, addressed in your program, and expertly navigated through to completion.

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Identify Additional Opportunities

When you’re rebranding signage across all of your locations as part of a larger rebranding initiative, it stands that other areas of your facilities should be updated as well. Including these in your program along with signage will drastically simplify the process overall and help you realize even more cost advantages. For example, refreshing your interiors or exteriors can bring your locations more into alignment with what the updated brand represents. Reviewing interior and exterior lighting as well as rebate opportunities for using more efficient equipment leads to a greater ROI and potentially shorter payback period.

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Execute and Track

Now it’s time to get started! Your brand implementation partner will carefully manage the process — overseeing field partners, project timelines, materials, asset delivery and installation, and more. Should any unexpected situations or needs arise (and it does happen!), your dedicated team will notify you immediately with a solution — ensuring that everything stays on track. Along the way, you’ll have an experienced single point of contact to whom you can reach out regarding invoice questions, program status, and more.

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Protect Signage with Maintenance

Once your partner has completed rebranding signage at all of your locations, it’ll not only be time to take stock of overall program results but also protect your investment. With preventive maintenance, your brand implementation partner can continue to add value for your organization by visiting your locations — on a schedule that works for you — to identify issues before they become costly, brand-impacting problems. Examples include identifying illumination outages, damaged or worn-out signage components, and upgrading older lighting systems.

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Navigate Rebranding Your Signage with Stratus

Built on a 150-year legacy of brand implementation excellence, Stratus has been helping some of the largest, most recognized brands in the world rebrand signage across hundreds and even thousands of locations within tight timelines with unparalleled success and efficiency. With expertise in every type of signage — from basic graphics on doors to immensely complex skyscraper signage, we’re the signage rebranding partner you need to showcase these essential brand assets with your audience in the best light possible.

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