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The Importance of Value Engineering in High Rise Signage

When it comes to high rise signage, achieving the desired functionality and performance without sacrificing quality is essential. This type of signage is a significant investment — and one that will champion your brand for years to come if properly executed.

What Exactly is Value Engineering?

There are many definitions out there, but essentially, value engineering is analyzing a product — in this case, an important brand asset like high rise signage — during the design process to identify ways to reduce costs and potentially improve performance without reducing quality or taking away from its purpose. When it comes to high rise signage, this involves analyzing aspects of the asset such as:

  • The materials to be used in the construction of the sign
  • The methods by which the signage will be manufactured
  • The way in which the signage is powered and illuminated
  • The components used to achieve illumination
  • How the signage is installed on the structure
  • What materials are used to complete the installation
  • And many other mechanical and electrical considerations

While value engineering contributes to longer-performing, energy efficient, and more reliable high rise signage in addition to cost reduction, its impact extends into the realm of your organizational brand as well. Signage is one of the most important brand assets in your portfolio, which includes other elements such as interior signage, custom graphics, and physical assets such as your interior spaces, furnishings, kiosks, and other customer-engaging components.

When these elements are approached to deliver the maximum value for customers and employees while retaining and even enhancing their core functionality and performance, the overall experience is better and more memorable for those who experience them. Let’s explore a few examples of high rise signage projects and how they were able to be successfully engineered to deliver the best value and experience.

Examples of Value Engineering in High Rise Signage


Chase, one of the largest financial institutions in the country, called on Stratus to assist them with exterior high rise signage at the 40-story Brickell City Tower in Miami, Florida. The project consisted of two exterior signs — an 8-foot letterset for JP Morgan and a 20-foot-high illuminated Chase logo. The latter was installed near the top of the tower. Bringing value engineering into the program, the Stratus signage division designed a custom mounting system for the Chase logo that gave the illusion of the sign floating on the glass surface of the building. All components of the program were fabricated and installed by our team and field partners.

View photos of this project in our portfolio.

How we engineered value into this sign: By developing a new way to install the high rise signage on the tower, we created a more engaging and eye-catching experience to all who see the Chase logo sign. Additionally, the installation process was less complex as it did not require significant remodeling of the installation area — resulting in a more cost-effective project for the client.

Advent Health

We partnered with Advent Health to support a large signage program at their Orlando, Florida facility, including high rise signage on their Ginsburg Tower. The rooftop signage for the latter — measuring 8 feet tall for the logo and 7 feet tall for the letterset signage — featured a day and night transition vinyl, allowing the Advent Health letterset signage to appear blue during the day and white at night. Installers also repelled off of the 15-story tower to secure the signage to the side of the building.

View photos of this project in our portfolio.

How we engineered value into these signs: Designing the rooftop signage to be more dynamic provided an eye-catching and intriguing experience for those who see the logo and letterset signs at different times of day. While static signage is still an important part of physical brand assets, taking them one step further creates a deeper connection with patients, their families, and employees.

Taking High Rise Signage to a New Level

As one of the leading brand implementation companies in North America, Stratus partners with clients in multiple industries to help them with all of their signage needs. From high rise signage programs like those explored here to captivating interior signage and wayfinding signage that creates more positive brand experiences, our signage division handles virtually every signage need for our clients across all of their facilities, whether it’s a few dozen or a few hundred.

It all begins with understanding your signage program goals. From there, we’ll work with your existing brand standards or implement them into a new design. Then, we’ll value-engineer the most cost-effective yet highly functional and engaging solution possible. Our team then gets to work manufacturing and producing your signage using the materials, processes, and energy components defined in the value engineering strategy. All of your signage assets will be produced and routed to our warehouses for logistics planning and quality control, ensuring that they’re in peak condition and that you only deal with one point of contact throughout the program.

Simultaneously, our program management team will be navigating all due diligence requirements for your high rise signage — from handling any specific stipulations for downtown environments and managing variances to obtaining all needed permits. With this work off of your plate, you’ll be free to focus on other important efforts. All project details and financial information will be centrally located in our client web services portal.

Once completed, we don’t just call it a day with your high rise signage. We’ll always be there for you, providing on-call and preventive maintenance services to keep your signage shining brightly and in good working order. Whether you need support for a new construction program, are looking to replace an existing high rise sign, or simply want to identify ways to make existing signage more efficient, our team is ready to work with you. Connect with us today to learn more about our capabilities.