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Case Study: Chase Preventive Maintenance

The Challenge: When Chase Bank needed a solution to proactively maintain and repair signage and ATMs, our team rose to the challenge.

The Solution: We developed a preventive maintenance program designed to rapidly resolve outages and damage while performing additional services like night illumination surveys and annual cleaning.

The Result: For more than a decade, Chase has entrusted its signage and lighting maintenance needs to our team, and we continue to meet and exceed their expectations.

The Challenge:

Maintaining the Image of a Leading Financial Brand

At Stratus, proactively maintaining and repairing our clients’ brand assets is just one way that we invest in their success. For Chase Bank, we’ve been doing precisely that for more than a decade.

As one of the leading financial institutions in the country, Chase Bank understands the importance of lighting and signage at their branch locations and remote ATMs. That’s why they reached out to Stratus — then MC Group — for brand implementation support. We were chosen for this important task due to our national reach, self-performing crews, and extensive field partner network.

Awarded an initial three-year contract, our Facilities Maintenance team began building a thorough brand implementation program to ensure signage continued to serve as a beacon for customers and ATMs would remain well-lit.

Chase Signage Maintenance

The Solution:

Building a Proactive Facilities Maintenance Program

Our preventive maintenance and ongoing repair program provided Chase with a variety of proactive and on-demand services for thousands of sites across the country. For this program, our self-performing crews or field partners:

  • Replace or repair channel letters on exterior building signage
  • Provide and install replacement signage and lighting components
  • Provide repair services for illuminated signage experiencing outages
  • Conduct quarterly night illumination surveys on signage and ATMs

Our team also developed an annual cleaning program for ATMs and signage throughout 4,500 locations to ensure these important brand elements continue to provide the high-touch message that financial institutions seek to impart to their customers. Some sites in urban markets are cleaned twice per year due to high volume. For this service, technicians are brought in to clean all building letters, directional signage, ATMs, interior vestibules, interior signage, and all exterior signage.

To date, our team has helped Chase rapidly resolve more than 4,000 illuminated sign outages, and our quarterly night illumination surveys have ensured that their signage and ATMs are easily identifiable and functional for consumers.

The Result:

Chase (and Warren Buffet) Loved It

The hard work of our Facilities Maintenance division has resulted in Chase renewing its contract multiple times over, the most recent being in 2020. They have expressed appreciation and satisfaction with our services. We were especially accessible when Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, was driving past a Chase branch and noticed that its sign had an outage. He began looking into the issue and found his way to our team. We dispatched a technician who had the outage remedied within six hours.

To ensure we continue to hit the mark for Chase, our team published monthly and quarterly scorecards based on the number of service tickets completed within that timespan and our SLAs. Our team must be on-site for new service requests within three days and hit that mark 50% of the time. We are also rated on first-tip ticket completion and must hit that 50% of the time as well. Our expert team and proven field partners consistently meet these goals, ensuring that outages are addressed as quickly as possible.

Maintain Your Brand’s Legacy with Stratus

We’re proud to have supported Chase Bank for more than 10 years with brand implementation support. Our repair and preventive maintenance services have ensured that this global organization continues to uphold its history and legacy as one of the largest financial institutions operating in the world today.

If your organization is looking to proactively manage its signage and lighting systems to maintain a strong connection with customers and employees, our team is ready to help. Experience our promise of infinite possibilities and ideal solutions firsthand. Connect with us today.

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