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While your logo is a foundational part of your brand, there’s far more to it — your signage, facilities, their functionality, and their condition all combine to create an impression of your organization in your customers’ minds. At Stratus, our brand implementation services help your customers physically experience your brand — from seeing your signage to entering well-maintained and beautifully designed facilities and more.

Branding Services

Exterior Branding

Your Brand is a Destination — Not an Obligation Your brand has countless exterior branding assets that customers and employees engage with every single day. Are they sending the right message? Are they impeccably designed and integrated into your facilities? Are they properly powered and fully lit to ensure maximum visibility day and night? Are [...]

Interior Branding

Exterior Branding Invites Customers In, But Interior Branding Inspires Whether you’re in retail, financial services, hospitality, grocery, or any other industry with facilities open to customers, it’s essential that your interior branding delivers on the promises your exterior branding makes. It’s about more than just curb appeal — it’s about creating that ‘wow’ factor that [...]

Helping You Make the Intangible Tangible

As they experience your physical brand assets, they internalize what they see, touch, and feel. It’s the sum of these touchpoints that creates brand equity for you and your organization and gives your logo the power it’s known for. As your brand implementation services partner, Stratus helps you create this experience between your customers and brand through a combination of services that span multiple aspects of your facilities’ exteriors and interiors.

For more than a century, we’ve been helping the world’s largest and most recognized brands create experiences that bring the promises of a brand to life in the real world. These include signage programs that establish your presence in a community, refresh & remodel services that deliver engaging shopping experiences, energy solutions that keep customers and employees engaging with your brand confidently, and repair & maintenance capabilities that help your brand deliver on its promises 24/7/365.

Exterior Branding

When a customer sees your exterior signage, lighting systems, and facilities, an impression is immediately made in their minds. Will they engage with your brand, or will they look for another competing option? Our brand implementation services ensure all of your exterior assets continue to attract and welcome customers into your facilities.

Interior Branding

While exterior assets draw your customers in, it’s what they experience inside that fulfills that promise. From innovative graphics and interior signage solutions and impactful lighting that creates dynamic spaces to interior refresh services for delivering a clean, delightful experience, our interior branding delivers on your brand promises.