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Signage is one of the first impressions people have of your brand. As signage solutions experts with thousands of completed projects annually, we’ll assist you with all signage requirements. Our in-house team of engineers and technicians, sign manufacturing capabilities, and a substantial network of trusted field partners will bring your vision to life. Our project managers leverage state-of-the-art technology and strategic execution to ensure an on-time, on-budget, and on-brand solution.

Signage Services

Exterior Signage

Your Exterior Signage is A Beacon: We Make You Stand Out Exterior signage is often the first impression a customer has with your business. At Stratus, we understand the value that exterior signage provides to your brand. It creates a lasting connection with customers and communicates an important brand message. Branding is magnified when you [...]

Interior Signage

Our Interior Signage Solutions Strengthen Customer Connections Your exterior signage plays an important role in helping customers consistently recognize your brand, but it’s your interior signage that upholds the image and essence of your brand once they’re inside. At Stratus, our interior signage solutions showcase your brand in creative, engaging, and innovative ways that make [...]

Digital Signage

Put Your Brand Essence on Display Digital signage presents a unique opportunity for your brand to engage anyone, anywhere, at any time. Thanks to its flexibility, digital signage not only brings your brand identity forward but also emphasizes virtually any message or imagery — whether it’s in Times Square for millions of people to see [...]

Digital Graphics

Make Your Brand an Experience to Remember Digital graphics are a dynamic way to showcase your brand and communicate with your audience. With in-house manufacturing capabilities and design resources, our creative team will create eye-catching and colorful graphics that capture the essence of your brand, message, history, or community. Whatever you’re looking to share with [...]

Experiential Graphics

Experiential Graphics Create a Truly Memorable Experience Experiential graphics are an amazing opportunity for your organization to express culture, brand imagery, and the dynamics of your local community with customers and other visitors to your facilities. As a leading brand implementation company, Stratus creates numerous types of experiential graphics that help you communicate these important [...]


There’s More to Wayfinding Than Simply Providing Directions When your customers, employees, and other visitors are informed on where to go, are able to identify different parts of your facility, and are provided with other information via wayfinding signage, they feel more comfortable, will get to their destination, and ultimately build a deeper connection with [...]

ATM Signage

Supporting Your Brand at Every Touchpoint As a financial institution, ATMs are essential for your customers and for your business. Every transaction, deposit, or withdrawal is an opportunity for your brand to create a pleasant and seamless experience that keeps your clients satisfied with your institution. Your clients’ perception, whether positive or negative, depends on [...]

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Signage Solutions That Resonate with Customers

Signage is one of the first impressions people have of your brand. It communicates your identity and provides important directional information that people need to engage with you. As specialists in signage solutions with tens of thousands of projects completed annually, we’ll assist with all of your signage requirements. We work closely with you to bring your vision to life while meeting your brand requirements and deepening your customer relationships.

Our in-house team of professional and certified engineers, technicians, and more — as well as a network of trusted field partners — bring your signage solutions to life. Our program and project managers support you from start to finish, leveraging state-of-the-art technology and strategic execution to ensure your signage solutions are delivered on time, on budget, and on-brand.

Exterior Signage

Stratus is an industry leader in signage solutions for all exterior branding applications. From retail storefront signage to large-scale branding for corporate offices and mid to high rises, our team will partner with you at every level of your signage program to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective solution possible.

Interior Signage

Your exterior signage shares your brand with the world. Your interior signage shares who you are and what you represent with your customers and employees. At Stratus, our signage solutions bring this brand component forward for the world to see and enjoy — combining unparalleled functionality and brand design with truly memorable experiences.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is one of the best opportunities your brand has to engage with customers in new and exciting ways. From vast exterior digital signage to informative screens throughout facility interiors, our team will help you create, produce, and install your digital signage solutions with consistency and reliability across your footprint.

Digital Graphics

In addition to large-scale signage solutions, Stratus offers extensive digital graphics capabilities. From digitally printing surface-mounted signage to large-format backlit displays, we print directly on to a variety of substrates with high-quality color accuracy. We also manage related services such as electrical installation.

Experiential Graphics

Experiential graphics are an amazing opportunity for you to express culture, bold brand imagery, and dynamically impact your community, customers, and other visitors to your facilities. Using a variety of materials, our creative team will work with you to create the exact visual experience you want to achieve.

Wayfinding Signage Solutions

Wayfinding signage is more than directing people from point A to point B. It’s a full experience. At Stratus, we partner with companies as well as their architectural and design firms to create complete wayfinding signage solutions that guide customers and employees to the right locations – quickly and efficiently.

ATM Signage Solutions

For financial institutions, ATMs present an opportunity to be there for your clients whenever and wherever they need you. We’ll help you ensure this critical brand touchpoint is looking and operating at its best 24/7/365.

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