Your Guide to Digital Signage Solutions

Thinking About Digital Signage Solutions for Your Brand?

Then you are a brand-focused leader that understands how important and useful digital signage solutions are to moving the needle for your organization. While all signage serves a meaningful purpose, digital signage opens the door to a number of benefits unavailable with more traditional signage points:

  • Provides greater flexibility in how signage is used
  • Enables wider color ranges and branding opportunities
  • Turns signage into a digital billboard with complete flexibility
  • Customization for virtually any messaging strategy
  • Can be implemented in a variety of indoor/outdoor environments
  • Integrates seamlessly with other brand assets for maximum impact

Whether you already have digital signage in place or you’re looking to implement it more consistently throughout your footprint, this overview will equip you with the knowledge and recommendations needed to achieve your branding objectives. Let’s go!

Exploring the Types of Digital Signage

When it comes to the types of digital signage, there is a wide range spanning a number of different subcategories. These can be implemented across a variety of brand assets as well as in countless locations in and around a single facility. 

While these most often serve a specific purpose, the flexibility of digital signage solutions means that you can customize them at any time to fulfill a strategic branding or marketing purpose. Just a sampling of the different types of digital signage can be grouped as follows:

exterior digital signage

Exterior Digital Signage

    • Outdoor menu boards
    • Digital window displays
    • LED signage and displays
    • Outdoor digital posters
    • Digital wayfinding

Interior Digital Signage

      • Kiosk displays
      • Digital posters 
      • Video walls
      • Interactive displays 
      • Digital wayfinding

Ultimately, digital signage solutions can be customized, according to the space and how they will be used. Working with a sign manufacturer that can produce the right size and also ensure you have the right controls will be critical.

What You Need to Know About Digital Signage

It’s important to remember that digital signage solutions are part of a complete branding program. While you could easily implement digital signage in a variety of ways, other brand assets should be considered so that they complement digital signage and all assets are working together to support your branding strategy.

Additionally, digital signage obviously requires power as well as a control solution to manage it. Thus, ensuring proper electrical installation as well as implementing a control system both go hand-in-hand with implementing the digital signage itself. It will also be important to monitor the power utilization of all digital signage. Most digital signs will be running 24/7/365, so it’s important to factor them into your energy management strategy. Let’s explore these a bit more.

Digital Signage Maintenance

As with other signage points, a preventive maintenance strategy is essential to maximizing the performance of these brand assets — particularly for exterior digital signage that is exposed to the elements and interior digital signage with which customers may be interacting. This should be set up on a regular basis, ideally quarterly to ensure these assets are performing well and reliably at all times.

Digital Signage Energy Usage

Digital signage is (usually) constantly running, which means it will have an impact on each location’s energy utilization. While LED technology means this usage will be minimal, it’s important to understand that impact and continually monitor it. The use of an energy management system will be essential for monitoring trends and optimizing when and how your digital signage is being used.


Digital Signage Manufacturing and Installation

In addition to understanding the energy requirements of a digital signage program and investing in its ongoing maintenance, it’ll be important to have a plan for the production of these assets as well as their implementation throughout your footprint — whether you have a few locations, a few dozen, or a few hundred (or more). A few important considerations:

  • Manufacturing — Digital signage takes time to build, particularly when custom sizes or other changes are needed. Ensure you’re working with a reliable signage manufacturing company that can meet your needs with unmatched quality and in a timely fashion.
  • Program Management — Implementing complex brand assets such as digital signage across a large number of locations is far from simple. It requires expertise, exceptional precision, accurate scheduling, and clear communication. 
  • Logistics and Installation — As assets are produced, getting them from A to B and then having them finally installed must be a smooth process. Success typically requires working with a network of field partners to execute installations concurrently.

Partner with Stratus for Complete Digital Signage Solutions

Stratus has been supporting organizations across multiple markets for decades with complete brand implementation solutions. These include signage of all kinds, energy management solutions, refresh & remodel capabilities, and facilities maintenance services. Learn more about our capabilities here.

To make every program a lasting success, our team partners with a national network consisting of thousands of field partners who execute installations, renovations, repairs, and maintenance for all brand assets. This is scheduled and coordinated by our program management team, which leverages a range of technology solutions as well as in-house manufacturing capabilities to ensure unmatched quality control and accuracy.

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