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More than ever, companies are looking to reduce energy utilization and costs. As your energy partner, we’ll design a custom program that meets your requirements. From LED retrofits and photometrics to energy audits and control systems, we’ll help you identify opportunities to reduce costs, increase sustainability, and improve long-term performance. With thousands of energy projects completed annually, we’re ready to help you achieve your goals.

Energy Services

LED Upgrades & Retrofits

Our LED Retrofits Revitalize Outdoor Signs and Other Assets An LED retrofit for outdoor signage as well as interior lighting solutions is the ideal way for your organization to realize immediate and long-term energy savings on illuminated assets. LED provides exceptional ROI, maximizes energy savings, and minimizes maintenance spend. Additionally, LED lighting increases the safety [...]

Control Systems/IoT

We’ll Optimize the Performance of Your Space Whether you have one, a few, or even hundreds of facilities throughout the U.S., you’re using energy in numerous forms at every second of every day. Your lighting systems are being used, your HVAC systems are kicking on and off, and other assets are consuming energy at all [...]

Renewable Energy

Leverage the Power of Renewable Energy for Long-Term Savings Solar panels are a long-term solution for your business. As an environmentally friendly and consistent renewable energy source, solar panels also enable you to benefit from numerous incentives and rebates. The Stratus energy team will work with you from the beginning, ensuring that all your targets [...]

EV Charging

Creating the Infrastructure for Cleaner Vehicles Nationwide Electrical vehicles (EVs) are a rapidly growing trend, and in many areas, they’re quickly becoming law. But for such vehicles to get proper support, they need charging stations and other infrastructure so consumers know where to go to get their vehicles charged and ready to get back on [...]

Additional Services

Explore Our Full Suite of Energy Services Stratus supports companies with a full portfolio of energy-related services. Whether we’re helping you determine the right lighting solutions for your facilities, conducting audits to determine compliance and improve safety, or helping you implement renewable energy solutions to capitalize on incentives and rebates, we’re committed to helping you [...]

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Achieve Your Energy Management and Savings Targets

More and more companies are seeking to reduce their energy and maintenance costs. With Stratus as your energy services partner, we’ll design a full lifecycle management program that meets all of your energy requirements — from improving asset performance to helping you reduce costs and maximize incentives and rebates.

We specialize in a variety of energy services — from LED retrofits and electrical programs to energy audits and control systems. However you choose to partner with us, the energy team at Stratus will identify opportunities for improvements that drive down energy costs, increase sustainability, and improve long-term financial and operational performance throughout your facilities. Each year, we successfully complete thousands of essential energy-related projects throughout the country, and we’re ready to help you.

LED Upgrades & Retrofits

LED upgrades and retrofits provide you with a more efficient solution for your signage and lighting, allowing you to take advantage of energy savings, rebates, and more. Additionally, retrofitting existing lighting systems or signs or upgrading them entirely improves the safety of parking lots and other facilities. Explore our LED upgrade and retrofit services.

Control Systems & IoT

Stratus is a leader in connecting your facilities’ lighting, HVAC, and other systems using advanced technology to help you better control utilization rates, reduce operating costs, improve safety, strengthen connectivity, and more. In every program, we work with you to understand your aims and structure our program to help you achieve them.

Renewable Energy

Solar energy presents a significant opportunity for organizations looking to invest in a long-term energy solution. We’ll work with you to evaluate the condition and readiness of your facilities to implement a solar energy solution and support you in leveraging all available incentives, rebates, and credits to make the program financially advantageous.

EV Charging

Stratus is supporting communities and organizations with electrical vehicle (EV) charging solutions that include determining the right station type, sources of power, and emissions reporting as well as signage and installation support. If you’re considering solutions for environmentally friendly vehicle charging, we’re ready to partner with you.

Additional Services

As a leading provider of energy services, we’ll partner with you on a variety of additional energy management initiatives. These include wind, HVAC systems, voice and data integration, disaster recovery, facilities maintenance, and more. Explore our energy services to see how we’ll help you reduce costs and become more efficient.

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Existing fixtures were replaced with High Output, T5 light fixtures for controlled, wide light distribution.

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Our 105-light retrofit work for United Rentals resulted in greater worker productivity as well as an ROI of less than three years.

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Our LED retrofit work for Signature Flight resulted in $20,437 in savings annually and significant CO2 reduction — all with a 2.18-year ROI.