Who We Work With

We’ve had the privilege of helping organizations in markets throughout the world achieve their signage, refresh & remodel, facilities maintenance, and energy management aims. Learn more about who we support here.


Engage Your Customers with Retail Signage and More You know your connection with customers is essential. It’s what draws them into your stores, keeps them engaged contributes to purchase decisions, shapes their brand experience and makes them remember you. At Stratus, we leverage infinite possibilities to deliver ideal solutions for retailers to strengthen those connections [...]


We’re Committed to the Health of Your Brand As a leading brand implementation company, we understand the impact that your brand makes on your patients, staff, and the communities you serve. Your brand is a beacon of health, renewal, safety, and more for countless people. Our hospital signage capabilities, interior refresh & remodel services, facilities [...]


Your Brand is a Promise of Trust As a financial institution, you understand just how much your clients rely on you. From managing their money and accounts to monitoring their investments and long-term strategies, your brand makes a meaningful promise that is upheld by more than just your services. From the appearance of bank signage [...]


We Keep Your Brand Connected with Customers For the telecommunications industry, the success of your brand is deeply connected with how customers perceive it. You manage their ability to connect with the people they know and love, you manage their data, and you provide countless businesses with valuable services that enable them to do what [...]

Petroleum & Convenience Store

Your Brand is Part of the Customer Journey Every day, millions of Americans are on the move — traveling for work, running errands, and going on adventures. As a petroleum or convenience store brand, you’re part of their journey. Your customers are looking for gas station and convenience store signs and facilities to help them [...]


Your Brand is Part of the Entire Experience Food. Ambience. Service. These are just part of the overall customer experience when they visit your restaurants. Physical brand assets like restaurant signage, their appearance and condition, and more all impacts customers’ dining moments. There’s nothing less appetizing than a flickering sign, a poorly lit parking lot, [...]

Non-Retail Financial Institutions

Your Brand is a Legacy — Let’s Preserve It Together Whether you’re an insurance company, an investment banking firm, an accounting advisory firm, or another non-retail financial institution, it’s essential that your brand communicates trust, strength, and support at all times. Your customers are counting on you to deliver results, and your brand plays an [...]


Grocery is a Complete Brand Experience Physical brand assets such as signage, facility interiors and exteriors, lighting systems, and more all make an impact on customer perceptions, but in the grocery industry, they all combine immediately in customers’ minds. And if these assets aren’t in tip-top shape, customers will remember. That’s why our team partners [...]


We’ll Give Your Brand the Limelight It Deserves In entertainment, brand is everything. Your name and image influence customer perceptions, their buying decisions, and overall public perception of your brand. Your signage, facilities, lighting, and more all factor into this, too — that’s why it’s critical that these physical brand assets continue to make a [...]

Property Management

Great Branding Makes for Great Living As a property management leader, you understand how important elements like signage, building exteriors and interiors, lighting, and overall maintenance are to a strong brand. Not only do these aspects help fill up apartment, townhouse, and condo developments with new tenants and owners, but they’re also critical to the [...]

Commercial & Industrial

Solutions That Solidify Your Market Position Organizations in commercial and industrial markets understand how important your brand is to success. Your image is well known in your market, and countless employees, customers, and industry partners rely on you. As a leading brand implementation company, we understand the challenges you face. That’s why we offer commercial [...]


We’ll Bring Your Vision to Life Stratus partners with a variety of public institutions ranging from government agencies to public sports complexes for brand implementation support. You have a vision for your organization’s brand that spans your public signage, facilities, lighting systems, and more — we’re the creative, results-driven team that’ll see it through from [...]


Your Brand is a Beacon in a Moving World As a hospitality company, your brand is everything. It makes guests feel welcome and choose your company over your competitors. Your hospitality signage serves as a symbol of rest for travelers and people in the community. Your facility makes a meaningful impression on all who visit [...]


Your Brand Keeps the World Moving Across the country, millions of Americans rely on organizations in the transportation industry: car dealerships, rental car companies, ride sharing services, and many others. Your brand is synonymous with daily life, and because of that, it’s essential that you make the best impression possible at all times. Flickering or [...]

At Stratus, We’re Taking Global Brands to New Heights

When MC Group and ICON merged, we elevated and strengthened our own capabilities while also creating new opportunities for your brand. We’ve had the privilege of helping organizations in markets throughout the world achieve their signage, refresh & remodel, facilities maintenance, and energy management aims for more than 150 years combined. At Stratus, we’re continuing that level of service for our customers but with a unified, renewed, and expanded portfolio of capabilities.

Stratus works with companies in numerous industries, ranging from retail and entertainment to healthcare and transportation. Whenever and wherever a brand seeks to better connect with its customers and improve its bottom line, our expert team and proven field partner network will be there as well — creating stronger brand engagement, improving energy efficiency, reducing costs, and more.