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Refresh & Remodel

Stratus offers retail construction services with full lifecycle management — from assisting you with preparations for the interior of a new site to remodeling an outdated existing facility. Learn about our capabilities and how we’ll help you execute a program to differentiate your brand.

Refresh & Remodel Services


Breathe New Life Into Your Facilities For organizations with multiple locations throughout the country, ensuring those facilities remain consistent with your brand and the image you want to project is a challenging task. At Stratus, our refresh & remodel division supports you with high-volume, multi-site refreshes to keep your brand shining brightly for customers, employees, [...]


Revitalize Your Brand with Building Remodeling Over time, your facilities and retail locations may require updates that go beyond a quick-turn refresh service. You may want to expand your facilities to support your growth or modify their interior layout and design. These changes might require the relocation or construction of walls, installation of new services [...]

Major Remodel

Complete Service for Large-Scale Store Remodel Requirements If your organization has one or more facilities that require significant updates or additions, our refresh & remodel team will partner with you to ensure the success of your program. In this application, our store remodel services are performed on a much larger scale, such as for a [...]

Electrical Installation

Powering Your Brand with Electrical Services Stratus is a leading energy services provider. As part of our refresh & remodel support, our team will also assist you with electrical services of any degree, from installing new power solutions and replacing outdated lines to providing ongoing electrical maintenance services. We take a programmatic approach, ensuring that [...]

Voice & Data Installation

Network Cabling Installation to Keep Your Business Running Voice and data cabling is critical to your business operations. It governs your ability to communicate within and outside of your facilities and how your technology systems and devices communicate with one another. A variety of cabling types fall into the voice and data category, such as [...]

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Our Retail Construction Services Revitalize Your Brand

Your facilities are a critical part of your overall brand plan. Whether you have one, ten, or hundreds throughout the country, each one is an opportunity for you to connect with your customers and deliver on your brand promise. That’s why Stratus offers retail construction services with full lifecycle management — from assisting you with preparations for the interior of a new site to remodeling an outdated existing facility. We implement these services in open store environments as well, ensuring minimal disruption.

Our team specializes in a variety of refresh and remodel services with quick turn-times. From small-scale updates to large remodeling projects, we’ll help you revitalize your facilities from the inside out. Whatever your aims may be, our self-performing teams, W-2 superintendents, and certified project managers team offer the refresh & remodel expertise, project management skill, and national reach to help you achieve them.

When you partner with us for retail construction services, you get far more than just refresh & remodel support. This division is supported by our national signage, facilities maintenance, and energy teams as well, ensuring that every aspect of your brand implementation requirements are managed through a single provider. If you have a major initiative planned, ensure its success with retail construction services from Stratus.


Our refresh retail construction services are ideal for short-duration, high-volume programs where a large number of sites need updates that do not involve significant remodeling. Examples include store conversions, painting, general carpentry, fixture assembly, minor electrical, and other quick-turn services to get multiple facilities up to brand standards.


If your facilities require significant updates, such as new walls, plumbing, electrical, or other major updates, we’ll support you with our remodel services. Work per site is typically longer than five days and is overseen by a dedicated W-2 superintendent and project manager. We’ll work in an open store environment to ensure minimal disruption to operations.

Major Remodel

A major remodel incorporates many of the same services as remodeling but at a larger scale, such as for a big box facility. Work might include new systems installation, parking lot construction, sidewalks and concrete, ADA compliance, roofing, and even the demolition of an existing structure to prepare the site for new construction.

Electrical Installation

Stratus supports organizations in all industries with their electrical installation. We’ll support you with electrical installation as part of a refresh & remodel initiative or for any singular electrical requirements such as powered racking for retail, outlet relocation, or electrical maintenance due to an outage.

Voice & Data Integration

We offer full installation as well as facilities maintenance services for your voice and data requirements, such as outdoor menu boards, telecommunications, and more. Our refresh & remodel and energy teams will partner with you to determine the most effective solution, whether as part of a new initiative, a remodel, or an upgrade to existing facilities.

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Refresh & Remodel|  Major Remodel  Floor & Decor Over 28,000 square feet 28 Weeks from permit until punch list completion of over 28,000 sq. ft. of retail space. Scope: Removal of existing concrete slab floors and laying of new concrete floor Replacement of HVAC and electrical Installation of new EMS system Installation of new roofing [...]


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