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4 Sign Maintenance Program Success Stories

The signage throughout your facility makes an impact on customers’ perceptions of your brand and plays a big role in the overall brand image you are portraying. When looking at your brand strategy, it is important to think past the installation of new signage to the maintenance for years to come. Dirty, damaged, outdated, or unlit signage can negatively impact your customers, which is why it’s critical to make a sign maintenance program an essential part of your brand strategy.

When assessing your brand strategy, there are a couple of sign maintenance programs to consider:

  • Preventive Maintenance — This type of sign maintenance program proactively evaluates your signage, and will quickly diagnose and resolve any issues to help you avoid costly and disruptive problems.
  • On-Call Maintenance — This type of sign maintenance program supports your brand when the unexpected occurs. From repairing an interior or exterior sign outage to restoring a storm-damaged facility, our on-call maintenance service team responds to every request promptly and professionally.

Depending on your brand and all of the signage touchpoints throughout your facilities, sign maintenance programs can include:

  • Night illumination surveys to see how lighting systems perform after hours
  • Signage assessments to identify outages, poor lighting, and other issues
  • Facility inspections to address damage, wear and tear, and cosmetic issues
  • Cleaning programs for maintaining asset appearance and sanitation
  • Repairing damaged or worn out letter sets
  • Fixing illumination issues
  • Updating to more energy efficient options
  • Restoring storm damaged assets

Investing in a sign maintenance program can not only positively impact customers’ perceptions but can also yield long-term benefits for your brand. Here, we’ll explore a few examples from our portfolio that showcase these.

Chase Preventive Maintenance

4,162 Sites | 4,000+ Outages Resolved to Date | National Sign & Lighting Repair Partner for More Than a Decade

  • The Challenge: As one of the nation’s leading financial institutions, Chase Bank understands the importance of brand image. When they needed a solution to proactively maintain and repair signage and ATMs, the Stratus team rose to the challenge.
  • The Solution: We developed a preventive maintenance program designed to rapidly resolve outages and damage while performing additional services like night illumination surveys and annual cleaning.
  • The Result: For more than a decade, Chase has entrusted its signage and lighting maintenance needs to our team, and we continue to meet and exceed their expectations.
  • Explore Chase preventative maintenance on our portfolio page.

Kangaroo Express

13 States | 1,051 Sites | 1,533 Maintenance Tickets Resolved

  • Major petroleum and convenience store brand, Kangaroo Express, partnered with Stratus on a signage conversion for over 1,000 sites. Our team continues to support and protect Kangaroo Express’ brand image through a sign and lighting maintenance program, resolving more than 1,500 maintenance tickets.
  • Explore Kangaroo Express on our portfolio page.


1,000 Work Orders Completed Annually | Exclusive Signage and Lighting Partner

  • As an exclusive signage and exterior lighting partner, our team keeps PetSmart’s branding assets running at peak performance completing nearly 1,000 work orders annually.
  • Explore PetSmart on our portfolio page.

Payless ShoeSource

4,000 Locations Serviced | Brand Implementation Partner Since 2003

  • Stratus has supported national retailer Payless ShoeSource as a brand implementation partner since 2003. Providing single-sourced sign manufacturing and installation, signage repair & maintenance, lighting maintenance, and lighting relamp/retrofit services to 4,000 locations nationwide. Throughout our partnership, we’ve provided intensive consultative services for new initiatives and identified numerous cost-saving opportunities.
  • Explore Payless ShoeSource on our portfolio page.

Why Stratus is the PM Partner You Need for Signage

  • We operate nationally — Stratus utilizes an extensive network of more than 2,300 vetted field partners. Whether it’s an outage or retrofit, a preventive maintenance program, or a restoration or storm recovery, we’re wherever you need us to be — whenever we’re needed.
  • We’re program management experts — Every brand and program is unique and should be treated accordingly. We approach your maintenance program strategically, creating a tailored program to your brand needs with dedicated account contacts and in-depth reporting.
  • We can manage all of your brand assets — To help centralize everything through one trusted partner, we serve as your primary point of contact — from storing assets in our warehouse and planning logistics to overseeing final installation.
  • We uphold a relentless commitment to your brand — Our brand implementation services help your customers physically experience your brand — from seeing your signage to entering well-maintained and beautifully designed facilities.

Connect with us today to learn more about how investing in a sign maintenance program will benefit your brand.