wayfinding signage program

Your Wayfinding Signage Program is a True Brand Experience

We’ve All Been There

You’re in an unfamiliar place, perhaps an airport, a medical facility, or maybe a new big-box store that just opened in your neighborhood. You’re looking around, trying to find the exit, the visiting room, or merely the bathroom.

You scan the walls, the doors, and even the ceiling looking for a literal sign. What you find is unclear — is that a left down this hallway or the next? — or worse yet, there’s no signage whatsoever.

As the above hypothetical illustrates, wayfinding signage programs are critical to the experience your customers have with your brand. You want those who come to your brand for a service or product to focus on the experience and having their needs met — not the aggravation of becoming lost or misguided at your facility.

Whether you already have a wayfinding signage program in place, are looking to update it, give it a modern look, or are building new sites throughout your footprint, it’s essential to approach it strategically and with the right partner.

How the Right Collaborator Ensures a Successful Wayfinding Signage Program

Any wayfinding signage program should be developed alongside, not after, new facility planning. It’s easier to incorporate a new signage program from the start, and it makes sense to have the partner coordinating that program involved as early in the process as possible. This is also true for a program that is a redesign, or replacing, an existing program. Early involvement means a consistent fit within the overall plan for the facility and the brand.

At Stratus, we thrive on collaborating with clients to implement their vision. Your signs may direct customers where to go, but we won’t. We dive in early in the process to listen to the client, learn about their aims, and then mold creative solutions to reach those targets. We work with your ensemble — your project managers, architects, designers, and construction teams — to ensure your program is strategically developed and applied. We’ll be there at the start to ensure we get it right.

While wayfinding signage serves an important function, how to get from point A to point B or where that visiting room is, it can do more. The ideal teammate will recognize that a good signage program is also about creating positive brand engagements. It doesn’t mean that the Exit sign won’t direct customers to the way out; it means it will do so in a style that is synonymous with your brand’s vision of itself.

At Stratus, we make signage solutions. We implemented more than 50,000 installed elements in 2019 in fact. But, like your signage, we do much more. We’re brand implementation experts. We understand the impact signage makes on your brand and how it’s received and experienced. We’ll work with you to mine out those additional benefits from signage to create positive, seamless moments for your customers and your brand.

The right choice for a wayfinding signage program teammate will understand that developing a plan is only part of the process. After installation, they’ll make sure to follow through and continue to work with you. You’ll want assurances the signage is continuing to deliver the positive brand experience you’re seeking, and you’ll want someone you trust to provide inevitably needed repairs and maintenance.

We make our own signage at Stratus with in-house manufacturing. We have the understanding and know-how to create and install your program, and then offer the follow-up programs to make sure it holds up over time. We offer on-call and preventative maintenance programs. Your wayfinding signage program will be kept in great condition and on-brand for years.

One more aspect you should seek from a wayfinding signage program is the agility needed to carry out the plan over multiple facilities. You want your brand consistently represented in all facets from location to location. That includes your wayfinding signage and its ability to impart the same brand experience at each and every site. A good partner will understand this and will ensure your program can be executed on a national scale.

Stratus has the reach to accomplish any national program. With an extensive network of more than 2,300 field partners, project management capabilities, and advanced technology, we will create a successful wayfinding signage program for your brand no matter the scope. We completed projects in all 50 states and 24 countries across the globe in 2019. Whether you have a few dozen or a few hundred facilities, Stratus boasts the industry-leading capacity to get the job done.

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At Stratus, we’re committed to channeling our expertise as the leading brand implementation company in the United States toward finding our clients ideal solutions amid infinite possibilities.

With our specialized team that delivers those solutions on time and on brand, we’ll use our high-touch approach to shepherd every project from start to finish using the latest tech, purposeful execution, and partnership to build your vision.

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