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How an Interior Branding Company Creates Compelling Environments

Consumer preferences continue to evolve across multiple industries. To maximize results at physical locations, brands need to make the most out of the experiences they provide to consumers.

It’s no secret that consumers are getting more and more comfortable with online and digital brand interactions — whether that’s making a purchase from a retail brand, requesting services such as through banks, or even managing their well-being with healthcare systems. As a result, companies are now having to push harder than ever to bring consumers into their physical locations.

To make that happen, brands need to rethink the experiences they deliver while consumers are in their locations. When consumers enter your locations, are they being met with the same layouts, features, lighting, and designs that they saw in 2019 before the pandemic sent everyone home? Or do they see how your brand has evolved to offer more meaningful, connected, and engaging experiences?

It’s important to remember that each visit is an opportunity to communicate a distinct message about who you are, engage different senses to deepen attachment, showcase your brand’s involvement at the local level, and demonstrate connections with meaningful causes. When you take advantage of these opportunities, consumers notice because it’s what they care about today more than ever.

Working with an interior branding company is crucial to success here. Not only does such a partnership ensure operational and logistical benefits of implementing new brand updates at multiple locations, but it also provides you with a new perspective on your brand and how you can improve the consumer experience through it. Here, we’ll explore a few ways an interior branding company can help you take these experiences to the next level.

Interior Signage

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it: signage is one of your most important brand assets because it’s often one of the first symbols and messages your brand imparts to consumers. This applies to exterior as well as interior signage. While the former is one of the first interactions people have with the brand during a visit, the latter is where the brand can really shine. Interior signage is crucial because it demonstrates what your brand can do visually and with different materials to send a distinct message. With the right interior signage, you can create a luxurious, brilliant, and truly memorable brand experience.

Examples to consider: Logo signage with detailed, precision-cut letters and shapes using various materials and accents such as backlighting and smoothed edges.

Vinyl Graphics

This is where the more custom aspects of your brand can come into play in creative, meaningful ways. Like we mentioned above, showcasing information about your brand such as local involvement, history, sustainability efforts, and more can all be done through beautifully designed and printed vinyl graphics. These elements don’t have to have an overt message, however; you can create regular branded elements and apply them to virtually any substrate — walls, kiosks, overhangs, pillars, equipment, countertops, and more — to bring your brand front and center in your interior spaces.

Examples to consider: Tailored vinyl graphics created specifically for different regions in your footprint that are printed on various substrates and seamlessly integrated into your interiors.


Creating beautifully branded interior environments is about more than the materials and graphics used in them. It’s also about showcasing them in the best light — literally. Lighting is a crucial element of how consumers perceive your brand. As it applies to interiors, different color temperatures and intensities have the ability to make products pop out more or encourage different emotions (e.g. warmer colors can help to make food look more tantalizing). Integrating up-to-date and customizable LED lighting into your spaces allows you to further customize your interiors to maximize what your customers feel during each visit.

Examples to consider: Implementing lighting solutions that make brand assets such as interior signage stand out from other backgrounds or that highlight certain solutions within a space, such as kiosks, displays, or specific areas where consumers should go.

Asset Management

Breaking away from the actual brand assets used in a brand environment, it’s also important to consider how an interior branding company helps you make this effort a reality across all of your locations. It’s crucial to be consistent across them all, and that means managing countless new assets produced by the company itself or from outside vendors. These assets must be centralized, collected, stored, inventoried, and kitted to ensure they reach their final destination efficiently and intact.

What to consider: Ensure you work with an interior branding company that can manage your brand environment initiative programmatically and has the warehousing and logistics capabilities needed to reliably oversee asset creation and management.


The last step: once you’ve designed the brand environment, and all of your engaging new assets are efficiently being routed from manufacturing to warehousing and eventually their final destination — who will implement those assets into your facilities? Moving those assets the last mile requires care and detailed planning. Your interior branding company partner must be able to ensure safe delivery, accurate assembly, and timely installation of each asset regardless of the location. Doing so ensures that all locations in your footprint will offer the same experience to the local audience, creating a consistent experience that elevates the brand nationwide.

What to consider: Your brand is valuable, and the assets that go into supporting it are valuable, too. Work with a company that offers white glove asset management and final installation in order to create the most seamless brand experience.

Experience Brand Environments with Stratus

When the time comes to take your brand to the next level, work with Stratus as your interior branding company of choice. For decades, our team has supported some of the largest, most recognizable brands across the country with their brand implementation needs. Today, thanks to our Brand Environments capabilities, we have helped revitalize our clients’ spaces in new and highly memorable ways.

With flatbed digital printing for large-scale vinyl graphics and the ability to print on virtually any substrate as well as a relentless commitment to showcasing your brand in ways that your consumers will never forget, we can help you transform your vision for your brand into an environment that your customers will never forget

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