facilities management improvement ideas

4 Facilities Management Improvement Ideas

What Kind of Experience Are Your Facilities Creating?

If you’re in facility management, operations, building management, or a related field, you know there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a business and the actual operations of a facility. The core systems needed to keep a facility running do more than just open your business in the morning and close it at night — they impact the comfort and productivity of your customers and employees. Making the management of your facilities a nonstop job!

Whether you’re managing one facility or are an organization with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of locations nationwide, your core systems impact multiple aspects of your business. It’s important to explore different innovative ideas for facility management to ensure you’re keeping up and delivering a positive experience all around.

Here Are Four Innovative Ideas for Facility Management

1. Consider Your Lighting Strategy

There’s far more to lighting than meets the eye — lighting makes a significant impact on worker productivity, customer satisfaction, safety, and your bottom line. According to an article by Forbes, 40% of office workers are struggling to work in poor lighting every day, and 32% said better lighting would make them happier at work.

Customers are also more likely to purchase a product that is displayed in a more appealing light. In the grocery industry, 85% of shoppers say that color accounts for more than half of the factors they consider when purchasing fresh products. With LED lighting, you’re able to program specific combinations of hues and tones to reduce the discoloration of fresh products and display them in a more appealing light. Upgrading your lighting systems not only reduces costs but makes a variety of additional improvements in customer perception and employee well-being.

Case in point: Learn how improved lighting helped better display products on the sales floor and increase productivity of the workers in the service garage for this large equipment rental company. See our work here.

2. Get Proactive with Maintenance

Between sign maintenance, lighting system repairs/upgrades, structural repairs, and periodic updates to outdated facilities, it can be difficult to stay ahead of all the work that needs to be done at your locations, both internally and externally. Investing in a preventative maintenance program can be far less costly than reactive maintenance and can help you avoid the risk of an outage impacting customers’ perception of your business. Stratus can help develop and execute a preventative maintenance program to identify issues before they become an expensive problem.

Case in point: Learn how Stratus helped maintain the image of a leading financial brand by developing a preventative maintenance program to proactively address any discovered signage and lighting issues at more than 4,000 sites nationwide. Download the case study now.

3. Refresh to be the Best

Customers like fresh and new! An update or refresh can make them more excited to visit your facility and do business with you. However, as a facility manager, it’s easy to associate “update and refresh” with “timely and expensive.” This doesn’t have to be the case!

You know the saying “a little goes a long way?” It’s completely true when it comes to refreshes and updates. Often, minor updates to the interiors or exteriors of your facilities can make a significant impact on brand perception and customer satisfaction. When executed throughout your footprint, you create a consistent appearance that delivers positive experiences at all times. Stratus can execute high-volume, low-work updates at all your facilities, ranging from painting and health/safety updates to rebrand support and more.

Case in point: When a national retailer wanted to quickly roll out an interior refresh program with minimum impact on business, we developed a program that maintained an open store environment and executed quickly. Learn how we did it.

4. Remember That Your Spaces Impact the Brand

There are two main elements to a brand: image and identity (image is what you project, identity is who you are). In facilities management, you make a significant impact on image — it’s important to project the kind of appearance customers expect and the brand calls for. Exploring different innovative ideas for facility management can lead to more positive experiences for your brand.

Case in point: Learn how facility improvements led to improved employee and customer experiences and significant energy savings for this leading automotive brand. Download the case study here.

Remember that your spaces impact your brand. Always be on the lookout for facilities management improvement ideas so you can deliver the experiences employees and customers need to have a positive image of your organization in their minds.

How We’ll Put These Facilities Management Improvement Ideas to Work for Your Brand

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