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Why High Visibility Convenience Store Signage is Important to Your Growth

As a convenience store, signage is key for attracting customers and enhancing their experience so they return. High visibility convenience store signage allows customers to easily locate your store, navigate it, and take advantage of any unique offerings you have, like EV charging stations. Signage also boosts your convenience store branding and provides shoppers with a memorable brand experience inside and outside.

For convenience store chains with ample locations, signage plays a vital role in developing cohesive branding and brand loyalty for customers visiting each store. The right convenience store signage enhances brand recognition and provides a more positive customer experience than outdated or sparse signage. Read on to learn why implementing or revamping high visibility signage is important for your growth right now, and how the right signage solutions can serve your customers and your business.

Growth Matters Now

For convenience stores in recent years, labor shortages, looming inflation, and the far-reaching impacts of the pandemic have contributed to a negative outlook for industry growth, but recent studies are optimistic for the year ahead. With this optimism comes a fierce commitment to innovation and excellence in order to best serve customers and stand out from the competition. For your store, it’s important to consider what elements you can update or advance in order to better serve your customers, boost brand loyalty and recognition, and outshine your competitors; that starts with good signage.

4 Ways Convenience Store Signage Sparks Growth

Highlight Unique Offerings

As convenience stores strive to stand out from competitors with value-packed offerings, it’s important to ensure customers are aware and easily able to locate the features you provide. For some convenience stores, this may include high visibility convenience store signage highlighting offerings like EV charging stations. In the US, electric vehicle sales continue to steadily rise, and the number of charging ports increased by 29% in 2022. Convenience stores like Kwik Trip, 7-Eleven, and more are taking note, and this new offering requires high visibility signage to be effective. With the right signage, you can highlight what makes your convenience store stand out and best serve your customers, helping them understand why you should be their top choice.

Boost Your Branding to Boost Your Sales

High visibility convenience store signage uses intentional design choices like color and font to boost your branding. Better branding enables you to curate a cohesive experience that carries through from location to location, helping customers form a positive association of what they can expect from your business. Thoughtful signage plays a major role in both brand recognition and brand loyalty. This is especially true for convenience store chains. As customers grow familiar with the design and aesthetics they can expect within your facilities, they can begin to recognize it within other locations in the future and feel inspired to choose your store over the rest. Frequent customers are key for generating sales and achieving a returning customer that visits your shop multiple times a week can help spark your growth and strengthen your customer relationships.

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Enhance Customer Experience

Convenience store signage empowers you to provide customers with an enhanced experience as they engage with your store. Signage allows customers to easily navigate your facilities, like exterior signage that marks fuel pumps, mobile pick-up spots, and features like EV charging stations or tire air pumps. Interior signage aids customers by noting where key sections are to facilitate their shopping, as well as locations for essentials like the restroom and checkout stations. Digital convenience store signage can also enhance your customer experience and allows you to swiftly and seamlessly highlight new sales and specials as they change. When over 82% of purchasing decisions are made in store, strong signage helps smooth the decision making process and spark interest for the products you want to amplify.

Stand Out Day and Night

Powerful exterior signage enables you to stand out day and night, which is especially important for attracting drivers from the road. The right lighting, color, and design can make your convenience store stand out with signage that pops. When customers search the horizon for their next stop, well-designed signage highlights your store and helps attract shoppers. In order to develop thoughtful signage that matches your branding and is best-suited for your unique environments, connect with a signage expert like Stratus.

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Better Convenience Store Signage Solutions with Stratus

With over 150 years of experience bringing brands to life with high-quality lighting and signage solutions, the experts at Stratus are here to help. We offer a wide range of services to best suit your unique needs, from exterior, interior, and digital signage to lighting services to maintenance support that ensures our solutions shine brightly for years to come.

We have a national field partner network that empowers us to serve your needs no matter where you are located or how many locations you offer. We’ve delivered expert aid to convenience stores across the US, helping companies boost their branding and sales with revamped signage and other brand-centered solutions. Our personalized, comprehensive approach ensures your solutions are custom to your unique pain points and ambitions.

To learn more about how Stratus can help spark your growth with high visibility convenience store signage, contact us today.