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What is a Multi-Site Preventative Maintenance Program? A Deep Dive into Our Bank Facilities Maintenance Services

How Effective is Your Existing Bank Facilities Maintenance Program?

A strong bank facilities maintenance program is critical to the upkeep of your brand and will help solidify customer relationships. What exactly is a facilities maintenance program? These programs include regular check-ins on your brand assets, including exterior and interior signage, lighting, and more. A solid program should also include on-call services for emergencies and be available to you 24/7. Regular check-ins will ensure your facility is in peak operating condition, appealing to customers.

Implementing a reliable facilities maintenance program becomes increasingly important as you add more locations to your business. Regular maintenance will provide a consistent brand appearance across your entire footprint, which can actually increase your revenue by up to 23%.

Without a facilities maintenance program in place or even a program with sub-par execution, your brand assets could quickly deteriorate, resulting in lackluster curb appeal that could cause a loss of revenue and brand reputation. So, how do you know if your current program is providing you satisfactory support? If you don’t already have a program in place, how do you get started? Well let’s take a look at how we carry out an existing program for one of our biggest customers — Chase Bank.

Maintaining the Image of a Leading Financial Brand

When Chase Bank needed a solution to proactively maintain and repair facility and ATM signage, our team created a strategy to ensure the Chase brand was always consistent and shining bright. With our national reach, self-performing crews, and extensive field partner network, Chase chose Stratus to maintain their locations because brand integrity is a number one priority for the bank.

Our Facility Maintenance team began building a thorough preventative maintenance program to ensure signage and ATMs remained well-lit, promoting a safe place, and serve as a beacon for banking activity for customers.

The Proactive Repair and Maintenance Program

Our preventative maintenance and on-call repair program provided Chase with a variety of proactive and on-demand services for thousands of sites across the country. Our maintenance teams are responsible for ensuring all branded assets are in tiptop shape which includes replacing or repairing channel letters on exterior building signage, as well as providing and installing replacement signage and lighting components. Additionally, we provide repair services for illuminated signage experiencing outages. Lastly, we conduct quarterly night illumination surveys on signage and ATMs.

Our team also developed an annual cleaning program for ATMs and signage throughout 4,500 locations to ensure brand elements continue to provide the high-touch message that financial institutions need. Some sites in urban markets are cleaned twice per year due to high volume. In these cases, technicians clean all exterior signage, directional signage, ATMs, interior vestibules, and interior signage.

Throughout this program, we’ve rapidly resolved more than 4,000 illuminated sign outages, and our quarterly night illumination surveys have ensured that their signage and ATMs are easily identifiable and functional for consumers.

Need Help with Your Bank Facilities Maintenance Program?

Do you feel like your bank facilities maintenance program isn’t hitting the mark? Are you experiencing issues with your brand assets? Are they not taken care of in a timely manner? Then it might be time to pursue a new partner for your needs. At Stratus, we can help with your facility management needs, no matter how large your footprint or number of locations.

Why should you trust us with your program? We’re the leading brand implementation and facility services company. We complete tens of thousands of nationwide projects every year; our unique offerings give us the ability to turn infinite possibilities into ideal solutions. We can help with everything from signage and energy to facilities maintenance, refresh and remodel, and brand environments. Built on 150 years of experience, we have the capabilities to service your project from start to finish.

We understand the complex challenges our customers face and work to provide peace-of-mind throughout the process. That’s why we use a range of technology tools to keep you up-to-date at all times. We offer a variety of apps, reporting solutions, proprietary software, dashboards, and benchmarking tools that you can use to understand where your project stands. You can check in on the various details of the project, including permitting, bids, performance changes, asset inventory, and more.

Our field partner network allows us to quickly service your needs. We maintain a network of more than 4,000 field partners throughout the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and more. Each partner business is fully verified and graded by Stratus, ensuring they have expert-level knowledge, have the capabilities to do the job, and are ready to deliver on-time and on-budget.

Where we truly shine is our ability to expertly manage all of our projects, no matter how big or small. At Stratus, all of our projects are led by highly trained program and project managers who oversee all of the details of each initiative from concept to completion.

Let’s Get Started

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