electrical installation management

Understanding Multisite Electrical Installation Management

For a Brand to Have Power, It Has to Have Power

Whether you’re opening a number of new locations or are looking to upgrade existing locations, electrical work is the lifeblood of those facilities. Countless brand assets rely on power — illuminated exterior signage, interior digital signage, digital graphics solutions, kiosks, entry systems, and — of course — interior and exterior lighting systems. Power might seem like a given, but ensuring proper electrical installation management in each facility adds far more value than simply ensuring the building is powered.

With decades of electrical installation management experience, our Energy Division has thoughtfully put together some insights into how this function does more than keep the lights on.

How Electrical Installation Management Adds Value for Your Brand

1. It Centralizes Expertise

Your brand likely has a facility management team that oversees electrical needs across your footprint. But electrical installation management is about more than just power. It ensures that multiple brand assets — from lighting and data systems to customer-facing solutions like menu boards and ATMs — are properly implemented, which can be challenging as different assets and subsets of electrical work require specific skill sets. Centralizing electrical installation management through a single partner increases the quality of the installation and preserves brand integrity.

2. It Starts with the Right Approach

Electrical installation management requires a strategic approach to ensure all locations are included, work orders with service vendors are coordinated, and all timelines are aligned. Clearly, this is a significant undertaking. It’s also likely that an electrical rollout is just one component of a larger brand implementation, such as a multisite remodel or refresh effort. This means there’s even more work to manage. However, a program-level approach to electrical installation will yield dividends in that all variables, dependencies, and workflows will be proactively planned and executed according to a set plan. The result is a more efficient process that compresses timelines.

3. It Ensures Consistency

Each location throughout your footprint represents your brand to thousands of customers every day. Implementing brand assets — even behind-the-scenes elements such as electrical components and wiring — plays a vital role in creating the customer connections your brand needs. Because of this, a consistent implementation ensures that each location is accurately and properly set up to provide the best experience possible. The electrical installation management process factors aspects like store layout, assets to be implemented, materials needed, and any special processes or approvals each site will require.

4. It Streamlines Asset Management

While electrical installation management must start at the program level, execution and logistics must also be considered. Each location will have a variety of electrical components and related brand assets that must be produced, gathered from vendors, warehoused until they’re ready for deployment, batched or kitted for ease, shipped to their final destination, and of course, finally installed. All of this requires careful planning and expertise, which is why an electrical installation management partner that has proven experience in this area is essential. There are far too many opportunities for things to go wrong — don’t add unnecessary risk to the equation if your team doesn’t have experience or you lack the time to coordinate this phase properly!

5. It Measures Performance

While an electrical rollout essentially provides a core infrastructure need to your location, it’s important to understand how this component performs over time. Often, electrical installation management is an opportunity to measure key metrics such as energy consumption and cost while implementing solutions to reduce both. Additionally, working with an electrical partner provides you with insights into your return on investment. Many energy-related programs result in energy savings, which allow a payback period to be calculated. Over a period of just a few years, many programs start to yield positive returns for those who invest in them.

Work with an Energy Leader for Your Next Electrical Program

For decades, Stratus has been supporting brands nationwide with strategic implementation of money-saving, reliability-increasing brand programs that incorporate electrical upgrades and improvements. These efforts span multiple brand assets, such as signage systems, interior and exterior lighting, and more. By working at the program level, pursuing rebate opportunities with utilities, and providing an ROI calculation for our clients, we’ve been able to help them achieve meaningful results while strengthening their brands for all to enjoy.

Whether you’re planning for a future upgrade or need a proven partner now to support a timely upgrade effort, our team is here to help. Connect with us today to learn more about our capabilities and meet with our Energy Division.