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Top 5 Reasons for EV Charger Installation

Due to government regulations requiring emissions reductions on car manufacturers and greater public concern for the environment, the amount of electric vehicles on the road is increasing at a rapid rate, and it’s only going to keep going up. As EV becomes increasingly prevalent, so does the need for EV chargers. Many industries nationwide are starting to add EV chargers to their facilities and are quickly realizing the addition is advantageous to both their business and customers. No matter what industry you operate in, now is the time to consider EV charger installation.

5 Reasons to Install EV Chargers at Your Location

1. Keep Customers Around for Longer Periods

Just like charging your phone or computer, charging up an electric vehicle does not happen instantaneously. Depending on the level of the charger, charge times can drastically vary, which gives consumers time to kill while waiting for their vehicle to charge. Customers utilizing a business’s EV charging station will typically increase their “dwell time” inside that business, meaning they spend more time browsing, typically leading to spending more money.

According to Mosaic Energy, consumers stayed nearly one hour longer inside a place of business than they would have if they weren’t enjoying the convenience of an electric vehicle charging in the parking lot as they shopped. When EV owners know they can simultaneously charge their vehicle and get shopping done, they are more likely to visit or return to your facility. That means EV charger installation can not only attract a loyal customer base but also positively affect your bottom line.

2. Attract Higher Levels of Talent

Now more than ever, people are taking into account a business’s environmental initiatives and philanthropic focus when choosing where to apply for a job. Offering employees the benefit of charging their car while working presents your business as forward-thinking and environmentally conscious, which attracts higher levels of talent to your organization.

According to a survey by Mosaic Energy conducted on Fortune 500 companies, more than half of their employees reported that they would consider switching to an electric vehicle if the employee parking lot had EV chargers installed. Employees are looking for forward-thinking companies that offer benefits such as EV charging, and as the rate of electric vehicles on the road increases, adding EV chargers to your business will become a must-have amenity.

3. They Can Be Subsidized With Potential Utility Rebates

One of the biggest obstacles businesses have with adopting EV chargers is the initial cost of installation. However, with the push for cleaner energy, federal and state tax credits and utility rebates are making this obstacle easier to overcome.

Currently, the federal government is offering up to $7,500 in tax credits for the purchase of PEV (Plug-in Electric Vehicles) and a 30% tax credit up to $30,000 for EV charger hardware and installation costs. In addition to these federal incentives, most states are also offering utility rebates and tax credits, which increases your potential savings even more. For example, in Colorado, Black Hills Energy offers up to $2,000 per port for the installation and purchase of a Level 2 charger at your local business.

4. Electric Car Sales are Increasing

Electric car sales have accelerated over the past decade. This became evident throughout 2020: an article in The Guardian stated that “global sales of electric cars accelerated fast in 2020, rising by 43% to more than 3 million, despite overall car sales slumping by a fifth.” The acceleration in electric car sales is only going to increase with the push for cleaner energy, and many auto companies are making commitments to EV production.

The continual increase of electric car sales only furthers the need for businesses to consider EV charging installation and public EV charging stations. Stratus can help you execute an EV charging installation program from start to finish with our expert project management team and EV charging solutions.

5. They Demonstrate Your Brand’s Commitment to Positive Change

People are becoming more aware of the environmental benefits of electric vehicles and are valuing companies that demonstrate a commitment to environmental change. EV charger installation is a great way to showcase your brand’s commitment to doing its part to make a positive impact.

How Stratus Can Help You Execute an EV Charger Installation Program

  • Our program management team will plan the program from top to bottom. We’ll help you determine charging station compatibility and also provide recommendations for charging ports based on preferences.
  • Our field partner network ensures we’re able to manage multiple sites at once, whether you have a few dozen or a few hundred.
  • Our signage division will create virtually all signage for your EV charging program.
  • Our energy services team will partner with you to help you determine the right lighting solutions to use for your stations and conduct energy audits to help you keep your energy costs down. We’ll also support you with all electrical installation, such as running power to the station and more.

Learn about our EV charging solutions and accelerate your EV charging initiative!