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The Right Brand Implementation Company – 5 Things to Look For

The Who’s Who

With so many businesses out there, choosing a brand implementation company can be daunting. When your brand’s image is at stake, finding the right fit for a scalable rebrand goes beyond the project quote. It takes research and a deep dive into their capabilities, their tenure with their existing customers, and overall the quality of the talent within their organization. When it comes to implementing brand solutions throughout your footprint, you need feet on the street. Why? Because there can be no mistakes. Any inconsistencies will be noticed and have a higher probability of creating negative experiences in consumers’ and employees’ minds.

When considering a multi-site signage, energy, maintenance, or remodel program soon or in the future, here’s what to consider in the ideal partner.


Nothing is more important than an on-brand, on-time project. But there is magic behind making this happen and making it look seamless. The first is researching a brand implementation company with a proven track record. This company should demonstrate experience and be able to illustrate what they have done in each area of their work. When presented to, this company should be able to showcase their projects through a series of data points, statistics, and photos. It should never feel like a sales pitch. Each RFI and/or RFP should be met with a concrete plan of execution — from setting the overall scope to building the right team for the job, a transparent and thorough partner should provide you with an overall sense of security that the project will be managed and executed precisely.

At Stratus, each of our divisions is led by knowledgeable, certified professionals with decades of experience in their respective fields. Having the right people in the right places for each project isn’t just luck — it’s a strategic secret. Our teams are well equipped with the latest technology to keep the project on track — whether we’re engineering your signage, maintaining your facilities, refreshing your locations, or auditing your assets for the best energy savings and rebates, our projects managers, maintenance field crews, and W-2 superintendents keep everything moving smoothly. We know what it takes to get the job done and get it done right, which is why our number-one goal is to save you time and money.

Cases in point: Walgreens signage and Jo-Ann distribution lighting retrofit — both immense projects that required thorough knowledge to execute.


Translating your brand into your vision is more complicated than just turning a creative illustration into a physical sign. It takes creative support from an engineering and manufacturing team. Not all locations are created equally. You will need a brand implementation company who is not only familiar with value engineering to build within budget but also a strategic partner who is well versed in permitting within municipalities and working within those cities to request variances to get the best bang for your buck. You want your brand to show up loud and proud, and having an expert team involved from the beginning will allow your brand to welcome customers and enhance their overall experience.

Working with Stratus allows you to take advantage of our experience in value engineering, sign manufacturing best practices, show-stopping digital print capabilities, experiential graphics, design support (which will develop brand books for each location), and an overall passion for branding.

Take a peek at how we made a larger-than-life idea a reality for the BLVD interior/exterior signage project, which had big plans for their customers.


Putting in place an ideal brand implementation company needs to give you a sense of security that they have you covered from start to finish. Having to outsource multiple partners can cause timeline and budgeting issues. It’s important to have a partner that has the expertise to handle all aspects of your branding needs. A rebrand doesn’t only cover your physical signage — it goes far beyond the initial installation. A partner that can manage not only your signage but also your energy and retrofit needs, signage and lighting maintenance, and full refresh and remodel initiatives is far more beneficial as a one-stop shop that can handle everything under one roof. Choosing a brand implementation partner is NOT a place to cut corners. You’ll want to look for an all-inclusive partner that is able to handle any scale of project from concept to completion. A partner’s full commitment will ensure you implement the best brand solutions to give your customers the most ideal solutions.

Partnering with Stratus not only guarantees you get proven project management expertise but also a vast portfolio with tenured customers, and constant communication with updated technology benefits.

See how our project management team executed a challenging prototype site in our Floor & Decor case study.


The brand implementation company you work with should have a consistent approach to your brand elements. Whether you have a few locations or a few hundred, working with a partner that has a thorough understanding of your brand ensures a quality experience wherever your customers engage with it. At Stratus, our field partner network ensures that no matter where we’re working for you, and in whatever capacity, each project will be handled professionally and with consistent work quality. Each of our field partners has proven themselves over years of partnership with our organization, and we review their work to ensure they’re meeting the quality and timing standards we set.

This ensures that whether we’re updating your signage following a national rebrand, upgrading lighting fixtures at multiple facilities to reduce your energy costs, or making quick updates to your facilities to refresh consumers’ experiences, each partner assigned to your program has a clear understanding of what your brand means, what work is entailed, and what we — and you — expect as a result.

Case in point: Learn how we managed a lighting program across three Hawaiian islands. In each instance, the result was the same: a better experience for employees and customers along with reduced energy costs.


Your brand implementation company should be a true partner. It’s not about getting the job done, it’s about supporting you with all your brand implementation needs for years to come. Your partner should be well-equipped in technology, people, resources, and expertise to ensure nothing about your program falls through the cracks. No matter the quantity of locations, the quality of each project should be guaranteed by having a single point of contact who knows exactly where your program stands at any given time. Working with a partner who understands the time it takes to look at each detail with a trained eye to ensure your vision is coming together is exactly how you want it.

At Stratus, our expert team is capable of overseeing, executing, and reporting on your brand implementation initiative at any time. We’ve helped countless companies like U.S. Bank prioritize their branding needs.

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