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The Complete Guide to Interior and Exterior Retail Healthcare Branding

Differentiate Your Retail Healthcare Center with Effective Branding Practices

As consumerism rises in the healthcare industry, the need to differentiate your brand has never been more crucial. Healthcare branding can take on a lot of meanings, but perhaps the most important aspect is your physical presence. Sub-par interior and exterior branding could turn patients away before they even try your retail healthcare organization. Use these tips to strengthen your physical branding to attract new patrons and keep them coming back in the future.

What is Retail Healthcare?

Before we get into the specifics of interior and exterior retail healthcare branding, let’s define what retail healthcare is. Typically, when you think of healthcare, you might envision a sprawling campus where you’d go see your primary care physician, a specialist, or another kind of healthcare provider. Retail healthcare is different. It refers to health centers located in retail locations like pharmacies, grocery stores, and department stores. These health centers take care of minor health needs that don’t require an emergent level of care.

How to Effectively Brand Your Retail Healthcare Space

When you’re looking to implement healthcare branding, you must consider both the interior and exterior of your location. Here, we’ll break down the steps you can take to increase brand awareness and keep customers coming back in the future.

Exterior Signage

Exterior signage has a profound impact on whether a patient will enter your location. According to a survey from FedEx, 68% of consumers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products or services. The same study noted that nearly 60% of consumers said the absence of signage deters them from entering a store or business. In short, it’s imperative that your exterior signage is well taken care of to encourage patients to patronize your location.

Interior Signage

Once patients enter your location, interior signage plays a big role in fostering a positive patient experience. Specifically, wayfinding signage can help patients understand where they need to go. This can be especially helpful if your retail healthcare location is within a sprawling grocery store, mall, or other large space.

You might also consider digital signage solutions to keep customers up-to-date while they spend time in the waiting room. Digital signage can keep them informed about wait times, or display other information, updates, and reminders. Keeping patients actively engaged during the waiting period can reduce perceived wait times, which can be a powerful tool to generate better reviews.

Exterior Lighting

As retail healthcare organizations are often found in pharmacies, grocery stores, or other businesses, you may not have much control over the exterior lighting. However, adequate lighting in the parking lot or other exterior areas has a profound impact on the patient experience. It allows patrons to feel safer—especially during evening hours—and may encourage them to enter your location.

Interior Lighting

Quality lighting solutions have a dramatic impact on patients, which can improve their experience at your retail healthcare facility. Studies have shown that quality of light has a deep impact on patient outcomes, the healing process, and improvements in health.

Patients in retail healthcare centers may not visit long enough to experience dramatic health improvements due to quality lighting, but it can still positively impact their mood while they’re in your care. In fact, the temperature of your lighting can encourage patients to relax, which can be helpful for all patients—but especially helpful for those who have health anxiety.

EV Charging Stations

EV charging stations are emerging as an effective brand touchpoint, and could have a dramatically positive impact on the patient experience. Installing an EV charging station—especially one that includes your branding—fosters brand awareness and allows patients to charge up while they wait for healthcare services.

A growing number of consumers are looking to buy electric vehicles, but many worry about not having adequate access to EV charging stations while traveling. Installing a charging station today could help attract more patients to your location.

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