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Strengthen Guest Experiences with the Right Hospitality Sign Company

With the right partner, hospitality facilities can entice, entertain, and inform customers with an assortment of specialized signage solutions.

It’s no secret or mystery that the travel and hospitality industries have taken a big hit during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. U.S. hotels have particularly struggled with that segment posting their worst numbers on record during 2020. The industry closed out the year with more than 1 billion unsold room nights for the first time ever, and an occupancy rate of just 44 percent, according to data from STR.

But there has been recent good news as well. Since that valley from a year ago, occupancy rates, the average daily rate for a room, and the revenue per available room — all important metrics in the industry — have steadily climbed throughout 2021. Those numbers are now in a comparable state to this point in 2019, prior to the pandemic. The industry is bouncing back, which makes the current environment a perfect fit for companies to continue their recovery with the help of the right hospitality sign company.

Different hospitality businesses and companies will have a variety of needs to meet for their signage, all related to their specific location, market, budgets, and goals. But there are consistent tasks to accomplish for all hospitality signage as well. On the exterior, they need to be a powerful and consistent reflection of the brand that conveys a positive relationship with potential clients and customers, whether that brand is a boutique hotel, an expansive resort, or a multi-state chain. On the inside or on the grounds of the property, hospitality signage must also deliver information to help visitors navigate their way around during their stay.

Today we’ll look at what the right hospitality sign company brings to the table to help eager-to-recover businesses reach their goals.

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A Beacon for a Comforting Stop

Whether they’re crossing the country with the entire family for an epic vacation, or merely in town to conduct business, travelers need to be able to clearly and quickly identify your exterior signage when they’re looking for a spot to settle in for the night. Your brand can make guests feel welcome, or help set you apart from the competition, but it will do neither without proper signage that conveys everything you need it to.

The right hospitality sign company will work with you to ensure your facility leaves a meaningful, positive impression on all who stay with you by implementing your brand with all the care and attention it deserves. You’ll want a signage partner capable of making and installing visually appealing signage, one who will collaborate on your specific requests and then put them into practice with dedicated in-house manufacturing capabilities. Just as important, you’ll want a partner that is equipped to sustain this vital brand asset with dedicated repair and maintenance services available whenever you need them the most.

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Interior Hospitality Signage is Just as Important

While strong exterior signage can help travelers find your hotel or resort, interior signage is just as vital at reinforcing brand ideals, engaging those customers, and making their overall experience one to remember. The objective is to create a seamless customer experience, and the right partner will help you do that with signage that upholds the image and essence of the brand.

The possibilities for unique elements on interior signage are infinite, and you’ll want a team to help you find the ideal solution. From dimensional lettering to flat cut-out signage and even fully customized solutions, you’ll be able to express your brand ideals with vibrant, functional, and long-lasting solutions.

You’ll also want to work with a hospitality sign company capable of matching the scope of your operations. At Stratus you’ll be matched with our dedicated program management team, giving you a single point of contact to coordinate operations at every site — from one location, to a dozen or hundreds of sites. Our network of more than 2,300 field partners across the U.S. and Canada ensures that the best contractors will be available to implement your vision, no matter the scale.

Digital Signage, More than Updates

Once a basic tool used to share static updates, digital signage has evolved to offer more complex content and real-time updates in many environments and forms, be it a 4K touchscreen or interconnected video wall. Such elements can enhance the customer experience and build loyalty, while also increasing operating efficiency and potentially generating revenue through advertising or upselling opportunities.

Digital signage is a natural fit for the hospitality industry where guests can check displays in the lobby and public areas about where and how to start their stay. It can be used to help guests assist with checking-in, or as wayfinding devices to help them find their rooms or conference areas. Digital signage can alert guests in real time in the event of an emergency, leading them exits or directing them to different regrouping locations.

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Plotting a Course with Wayfinding Signage

Essential in any large facility, wayfinding signage helps your guests and employees find their way to where they need to be, offers information, identifies key spaces or areas, and sometimes is required to address regulations — such as those associated with the ADA.

Wayfinding signage is essential for hotels, resorts, and other similar properties. Guests are there to relax or unwind; The last thing anyone wants is unneeded frustration. Easily identifiable signage will make navigating the property easier. Guests will need directions to conference rooms, to their lodging areas, and to other amenities such as a fitness room or pool area. Exterior wayfinding signage is necessary to orient travelers to pick-up and drop-off areas, parking garages, and other areas that may be located in the vicinity. Important safety or exit information also needed to be conveyed.

Various elements can be used to accomplish these objects, such as printed graphics, digital signage, or manufactured signs. The right hospitality sign company will be able to tailor which forms will best suit your specific needs, and ensure they remain on-brand and implemented correctly to support your overall brand vision.

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Stratus, a Hospitality Sign Company That Covers Every Aspect

At Stratus, we work closely with our clients to develop hospitality signage solutions that will engage customers and reinforce key elements of your brand identity, all while utilizing our asset warehousing, logistics and installation capabilities to manage your program from start to finish and protect your investment in your brand assets.

With the ability to attack hospitality signage from every angle, our experience in crafting ideal solutions from infinite possibilities will support the success of your hotel or resort — no matter the scale or reach. The customer experience is essential to your goals, and our goal is to make that experience memorable and positive with each and every visit.

Connect with us today to learn more about our capabilities as a hospitality sign company.