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Shocking: What Can Go Wrong with Multisite Electrical Remodeling Services

When signing on for electrical remodeling services, ensure it goes according to plan. Watch out for these headache-causing errors.

Mitigate Issues in Your Next Electrical Remodel

Electrical remodels are major undertakings involving numerous moving parts. When you add multiple locations in the mix, keeping track of project progress can be tricky. If you’re not working with an experienced electrical remodeling services partner, small issues can turn into massive problems quickly.

How do you know which contractor is up for your multisite electrical remodel? Moreover, what issues should you watch out for once the project begins? Keep these tips in mind before and during the electrical remodeling process.

Program Management Issues

When a renovation contractor decides to take on a project, they must outline and formalize the plan before beginning any work. Whether you have one, a couple, or a hundred locations undergoing work, the planning process involves quite a few steps. For example, teams and departments must be briefed to understand the project, its timeline, and budget, and work needed from internal and external partners. Your contractor should also communicate a vision for program success so everyone knows their expectations.

If any part of the project is misled, the remodel could face major issues before it even begins. Minor adjustments should always be expected during the program to account for unforeseen circumstances; however, miscommunication in the planning process could cause immense breakdowns that send the project back to square one. If that happens, you’ll add cost to the budget, damage relationships, and extend the project timeline.

Permits and Required Documentation

The right permits and documentation need to be in place before beginning any electrical remodeling services. This paperwork can be complex and time-consuming; when you have multiple sites undergoing construction, it can quickly become overwhelming.

Without a deep understanding of the permits and documents that you need to go ahead with the remodel, your projects can get stalled for days or even weeks. That’s why it’s imperative to work with a partner that understands the proper documentation and can mitigate small issues before they turn into major problems.

Poor Contractor Performance

When you begin construction, you’ll rely on commercial renovation contractors who bring their subcontractors to complete certain electrical remodeling services. There’s a risk involved here. You’ll have to take the contractor’s word that the people doing the renovation are skilled and know what they’re doing.

If you haven’t worked with that contract before, past work examples and professional references are all you have to determine if they’ll get the job done right. It may sound like enough, but there’s still a risk of significant mistakes if the contractor decides to use a less experienced or cost-effective subcontractor for a certain aspect of the project. While they’ll be responsible for fixing any mistakes, it will still cost your organization time and money.

Unexpected Issues

Even the best contractors will deal with unforeseen problems on the job site. For example, if your HVAC system, appliances, water heaters, or other equipment are improperly installed, it can put a huge burden on your electrical system, which may trip breakers or put the building at risk of an electrical fire. Major issues like this can’t always be identified early on, which is why it’s important to partner with an experienced renovation partner who can keep the project moving. These problems may still cause construction delays, but a capable partner can help you navigate them and help offset any negative impact.

Lack of Technology and Oversight

Technology implementation is one of the most important aspects of a successful electrical remodel. Mobile solutions and online reporting tools centralize all aspects of your project in one place for team members, contractors, subcontractors, and others involved with the project to access at any time.

This technology helps your project succeed by offering a mode for effective oversight. It also ensures all essential documentation and project details are accessible at all times so decision-makers can make informed conclusions.

Successful Electrical Remodeling Services Start with Stratus

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