Proactive Signage Maintenance

Maximize Budgets with Proactive Signage Maintenance

What to Know When Managing a Signage Program

An effective, strategic signage program isn’t a one-and-done effort — it’s an ongoing process that extends well beyond signage installation. Consistent preventive maintenance on signage is crucial to image, identification, appeal, and overall success of your business. Neglecting signage can lead to extended outages, costly repairs, and replacements, and even missed branding opportunities.

However, it can be difficult for facilities management professionals to keep up with maintenance — especially if they haven’t managed a signage program before. We’re going over what you need to know when managing a signage program — and how the right sign maintenance can help keep costs low.

7 Ways Signage Maintenance Helps You Control Costs

Prolong Sign Lifespan

Signage is an investment into your business’s overall appeal, helping you attract your target audience and give them important information about the organization. Like any other branding investment, signage requires care and maintenance to maximize its lifespan. Proactive maintenance — such as routine cleaning and inspections — helps prevent signs from deteriorating prematurely or experiencing performance issues. By extending the life of your signage, you delay the need for replacements, which ultimately saves you money.

Prevent Costly Repairs

Preventive maintenance addresses small problems before they become larger, expensive issues. Regular inspections help identify loose letters, fading graphics, energy utilization issues, or electrical problems early on. Fixing these minor issues is usually more cost-effective than waiting for a complete sign overhaul.

Enhance Brand Image

Your signage must be of the highest quality to create your ideal brand image. A neglected or damaged sign sends the wrong message and creates a negative image of your brand in customers’ minds, potentially driving them away. A well-maintained sign reflects positively on your business, ensuring that your brand image remains strong and ultimately contributing to your bottom line. In fact, one well-branded sign results in a 4.75% increase in annual sales revenue.

Comply with Regulations

Signage regulations vary by location and industry, and they could change at any time. Ignoring these regulations — whether intentional or not — can lead to fines and legal troubles. Working with an experienced sign maintenance provider means staying up-to-date with local signage codes and ensuring that it’s always in compliance. That way, you can avoid code violations or monetary penalties that may arise from outdated signage.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Does your business use illuminated signs? Proactive maintenance can help improve energy efficiency. Regularly inspecting and cleaning lighting components can ensure that your signs use less energy. Over time, reduced energy costs translate to significant savings on your energy bills. Additionally, consistent maintenance can identify opportunities to retrofit outdated systems, perform lighting audits, and pursue potentially lucrative energy rebates.

Minimize Downtime

A sudden signage failure can dramatically interrupt your business operations. You may suffer from lost sales and frustrated customers. Proactive maintenance helps minimize downtime by addressing issues before they lead to sign failure.

Multi Site Management

Signage issues can occur at one location at any time. The risks of having damaged signage only increase when there are multiple locations. Working with a partner that can manage all the signage across your business’ entire footprint is crucial. It also helps maintain a consistent image across all locations.

Implement a Comprehensive Signage Maintenance Program Today

Whether you’re disappointed with your current signage maintenance program or are exploring options to maximize your investment in these critical brand assets, turn to Stratus for guidance. Built on 150 years of experience, we help organizations like yours design, implement, and maintain high-quality signage systems.

We offer on-call and preventative maintenance programs to keep your signage looking it’s best at all times. We also provide disaster response services, ensuring your location quickly recovers after an emergency. We partner with some of the biggest brands across the world to keep thousands of locations up and running. We’re ready to do the same for you.

At Stratus, we’re committed to helping brands like yours better serve your customers with well-designed and maintained signage. As a nationwide brand implementation company serving some of the largest industries in the country, we offer a wide variety of solutions tailored to your precise specifications. When you partner with us, you can feel confident that your signage is of the highest quality. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your signage needs.