Infographic: How Drive Thru Maintenance & Technology Affect Customer Decisions

It’s late, you’re tired, you need something to eat and quick. You pull into the nearest drive-thru and start looking through the menu. There are what seems like a million options and to top it off the menu is hard to read, and the lighting is dim and flickering. You look in the rearview and a line is forming – you start to sweat and pick a rushed option…And now you’re not just hangry, you’re also disappointed. What was supposed to be quick and easy turned into panic. Next time you’ll just go somewhere else.

The impact of technology and a well-maintained drive thru plays such an important role in your customer’s purchasing decision. In most cases, it’s their first interaction with your brand and if your systems are out of date or hard to navigate, they will move on to the next establishment. Customer demands are changing and it’s up to the restaurants to give them what they want and quickly. An optimized drive thru with updated solutions and easy to read, well-lit menu boards open allows your customers to get the best experience from your brand.

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Drive thru infographic