bathroom experience

Infographic: Bathrooms Mean Business

Have you ever wondered what role a bathroom experience plays on how you interact with a business as a customer? Think back to the last time you needed to use the restroom of a business you were visiting. Did you leave the restroom feeling pleased about your experience with that facility or did you leave wishing that you had never stepped foot inside? If your answer was the latter, odds are your perception of that business may have decreased and you will be going out of your way to never have to visit their restroom again.

Keeping that experience in mind, consider the impact that a refresh/remodel of your restrooms can have on the overall success of your business. Providing people with a bathroom they feel good about using will lead to happier, more loyal customers as well as a better bottom line. For example, convenience stores. Take a look at the statistics below.

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It’s about more than just cleanliness. It’s about having a well-designed and well-lit space that makes your customers feel safe and cared for. Contact us today about our refresh & remodel programs to fuel your success tomorrow!