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How to Stand Out from Your Competitors with Quality Transportation Signs

The Importance of Transportation Signs

Whether you’re looking to install interior or exterior transportation signs, customers expect them to look up-to-date and professional. Airports, bus terminals, train stations, and other transportation locations must have attractive, relevant, and up-to-date signs to ensure customer satisfaction, keeping them coming back for more. If your signs are not effective, it could ruin the customer experience and make travelers use other transportation hubs.

How do you ensure you have the best-quality signs? Every organization’s needs will be different, making it crucial to work with an experienced transportation sign provider. However, there are a few rules you should follow to create a wonderful experience for your customers. Let’s dive in.

Creating the Most Powerful Transportation Signs for Your Brand

Signage in transportation terminals serve a variety of purposes, including branding, travel information, wayfinding, paid advertising, and even public art. Depending on the purpose of your signage, you’ll need to take into account the design, placement, and preventative measures for your signage, among other things.

Choose the Right Materials

When it comes to signage, there are a wide variety of materials to choose from. Aluminum, steel, acrylic, polycarbonate materials and more are available. What material you choose will depend on your location’s architecture, climate, and other conditions. You might even use different materials in various areas of your location. A qualified signage provider can help you determine what’s best for your brand and create the best solution.

Follow These Design Tips

There are a few design tips you can use to ensure your signs capture the attention of your customers and give them a great experience.

The first tip is to use a good amount of contrast. Contrast makes your sign vibrant, visible, and easy to read, even from a distance. High-contrast color combinations like black on yellow or red on white, automatically draw attention and improve readability.

It’s incredibly important to avoid fancy fonts when designing signage. These may draw the eye, but they are harder to read and decipher. When your customers are in a rush from one terminal to another, they won’t want to spend precious time trying to figure out what a sign says.

Lastly, you should keep your signs as simple as possible. The simpler they are, the easier they are to understand. Focus on short and impactful copy that can communicate clearly in as few words as possible.

Be Aware of These Wayfinding Considerations

Wayfinding signs can be particularly tricky, especially when it comes to major international transportation hubs. For example, the busiest airport in the world — Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport — sees 275,000 passengers per day. With people coming in and out from all over the world, that presents some challenges.

As people will speak a variety of languages, your transportation signs should keep text to a minimum, instead favoring directional symbols and easy-to-understand icons. You may also consider creating signs in dual or multiple languages. Wayfinding signs should also have a consistent design to avoid confusion while moving through the location.

Lastly, determining the best location for wayfinding signage is one of the most important considerations. Poorly placed signage will not gain the attention of travelers, thus rendering it useless. It’s best to work with an experienced signage provider to determine the best placement for your wayfinding signage.

Look into Using Digital Signage

Digital transportation signs can be an extremely cost-effective option if you have constantly-changing information to announce. For example, a bus or train may be a few minutes late; with a click of a button, you can let passengers know to expect delays. You might also use digital signage solutions for rotating ad placements, significantly boosting your potential ad revenue.

Create a Preventative Maintenance Program

Investing in the right signage isn’t the only thing you need to do to ensure a quality experience for your customers. Creating a preventative maintenance program can help your signage stay looking fresh. Not only will this ensure your customers can receive accurate information about their trip, it also gives them a positive impression of your location.

Hire an Experienced Signage Company for Your Needs

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