California fluorescent bulb law

How to Comply with the California Fluorescent Bulb Law

What California’s Fluorescent Bulb Ban Means for You

If you own or manage a facility, chances are you’ve heard of the new California fluorescent bulb law. The bill — known as California bill AB 2208 — prohibits the sale and distribution of fluorescent lamps, and will impose phase out dates starting in 2024. So, how does this impact you? What do you need to know? How do you prepare for this sweeping change? We’re diving into the specifics.

What are the Details of the California Fluorescent Bulb Ban?

On January 1, 2024, the law will prohibit a screw or bayonet base type compact fluorescent lamp from being offered for final sale, sold at final sale, or distributed in California as a new manufactured product. Then, on January 1, 2025, pin-base type compact fluorescent lamps or linear fluorescent lamps will be prohibited from being offered for final sale, sold at final sale, or distributed in California as a new manufactured product.

Who’s Impacted?

All California facilities currently using fluorescent lamps will need to replace fixtures with more efficient lighting alternatives, like LEDs, prior to the phase out dates starting January 1, 2024.

Why is This Ban Going into Effect?

The California fluorescent bulb ban will have a tremendous impact on worker safety and the environment. Fluorescent bulbs contain the toxic chemical Mercury, which can pose health and safety risks to people involved with creating and installing them.

Additionally, LEDs produce the same illumination as fluorescents but use half as much electricity, which will cut California’s lighting energy bills in half and reduce the environmental impact of its energy consumption. A recent study found that by 2030, California could save over $1 billion, reduce energy consumption by about 5,600 gigawatt hours, and avoid the release of 950,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Will This Eventually Affect Other States?

California is the second state to pass a ban on fluorescent lamps, with Vermont being the first. Vermont passed a vote to phase out CFLs in 2023 and four-foot LFLs in 2024. However, California did take it one step further by including lamps up to eight feet in its bill.

At the time of writing, no other states have officially passed a fluorescent light bulb ban. However, in 2022, the current administration proposed regulations that would phase out compact fluorescent light bulbs, so we could see more states pass bans in the near future. In fact, nearly a dozen more states are expected to pass bans soon — including Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Rhode Island, and more.

How You Can Prepare for a Fluorescent Bulb Ban

Chances are, fluorescent bulbs will be banned in your state at some point. The best option is to start preparing for it now, and plan to implement LEDs into your facilities. Not only will you be ready once the ban is imposed, but you’ll also see a reduction in your energy costs. But, how exactly do you go about preparing for this ban, especially if you have multiple locations? Follow this checklist:

Start Budgeting

The best way to start preparing for a fluorescent bulb ban is to work it into your budget. If you need to cut costs in other areas to accommodate an LED upgrade, it’s best to start looking into options now.

Survey Your Locations

You’ll need to complete surveys of your existing lighting to determine which locations need to be included in your upcoming multisite lighting program.

Find the Right Vendor or Branding Partner

Finding a vendor to supply compliant lighting alternatives is critical. When you work with a national branding partner, your locations will benefit from a network of vetted field partners, ensuring all the behind-the-scenes steps are coordinated to achieve flawless execution.

Follow a Strict Timeline

It’s important to set a clear and concise program schedule prior to program kickoff to ensure your facilities are compliant before the phase-out dates. Having a branding partner that supports you with dedicated program management teams takes the stress off you and helps mitigate any unexpected on-site situations that can delay your program.

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Navigating the California fluorescent bulb law doesn’t have to be stressful. Partnering with a national partner like Stratus can help you understand the changes that need to be made and execute them quickly.

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