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How Our Facilities Maintenance Services Take Your Stress Away

Struggling to keep up with facilities maintenance services? Learn how Stratus can take some things off your plate.

Make Your Life Easier by Outsourcing Key Facilities Maintenance Services

Facility managers have the enormous responsibility of overseeing locations and ensuring everything runs smoothly. This responsibility only continues to expand as your organization grows and adds locations to its portfolio. As this growth kicks off, brands must prioritize their physical brand assets — like signage, interior finishes, and more — to preserve their image. However, it can be hard for one person or a small department to keep up with the increased demands. Outsourcing key facilities maintenance services ensure you stay on top of any potential issues, while remaining a strong asset to your team.

Facilities Maintenance Services You Can Outsource

Signage Maintenance

Signage is one of your most important brand assets, so it’s crucial to keep it up-to-date and looking fresh. It’s the first thing your customers look for when they’re heading to your location, and they’ll see your signage every time they visit. Likely, when it’s properly illuminated, clean, and in good condition, they won’t think twice about its appearance. However, if some letters are burned out, there is visible damage, or it otherwise looks unclean, it could sour their overall impression of your brand.

The solution? Outsource signage maintenance to an experienced company. Proactive signage maintenance ensures your assets look their best at all times. A quality partner will work with you to develop a preventative maintenance program that proactively addresses common and industry-specific maintenance issues. Implementing this system ensures your brand provides a reliable and meaningful experience for your customers at all times.

Lighting Audits and Upgrades

Lighting can dramatically influence customer perceptions and safety. Outdated or poorly functioning outdoor lighting can deter people from entering your store. Similarly, poor interior lighting can negatively affect sales, reduce the productivity of your employees, and more. Sub-optimal interior and exterior lighting can also have a negative impact on your energy footprint, leading to more costs over time.

Outsourcing regular lighting audits can help identify areas where your lighting can be improved. They give you an opportunity to make proactive upgrades that make your customers and employees feel more comfortable at your location, leading to a better brand experience.

Regular Refreshes

Your locations’ interior is a massive contributor to brand perception. If your location features dirty, damaged, or worn-out assets, customers will feel uncomfortable and potentially lose trust in your brand.

Major remodels are common every several years, but your store likely can’t wait that long for smaller upgrades. That’s why incorporating regular refreshes into your maintenance system is incredibly important. These smaller projects may include painting, minor repairs, fixture swaps, new counters, updated flooring, or other quick work that doesn’t require crews to be on-site for more than a day or two.

Periodic refreshes are easy to outsource to an experienced maintenance provider. In fact, it may be most beneficial to outsource these services, especially if you’re a larger chain. For organizations with multiple locations, partnering with an experienced, national brand implementation company can save you the hassle of sourcing, shipping, and implementing the correct materials in your stores. By outsourcing your refreshes, you won’t have to worry about the logistics, and you’ll know each store puts forth an image that best represents your brand.

Let Stratus Help with Your Facilities Maintenance Services

As a leading brand implementation company, Stratus is the best choice to assist with your facilities maintenance services. We know your brand recognition reaches far beyond your logo, which is why we offer services to keep your signage, lighting, and other aspects of your physical location up-to-date and reflecting a positive brand image. With multiple locations throughout the U.S. and hundreds of employees, we serve some of the largest, most recognized brands in the country.

When you work with Stratus, you’ll know exactly what we’re doing, when we’re doing it. We offer a variety of technology, including apps, reporting solutions, proprietary software, dashboards, and benchmarking tools to ensure you understand where your projects are in the process. These tools also allow you to track various details and stages of a project, such as permitting, bids, performance changes, asset inventory, and more. And with our robust field partner network, you’ll know the people completing the work have been fully verified and graded, optimizing our ability to deliver on-time and on-budget.

Let’s Build Something Great Together

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