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How Lighting Maintenance Services Impact Your Brand

Lighting maintenance plays two critical roles for your organization — supporting your brand and maximizing energy savings.

On the branding side, lighting is one of the most immediate influencers on customers’ perceptions of your brand. Exterior lighting affects whether people choose your location over a competitor’s — if it’s malfunctioning, that could tell the consumer your location is closed. Interior lighting is even more crucial: poorly lit spaces make consumers feel uncomfortable, cause employee productivity to decrease, and can even cause potential safety issues. Lighting maintenance services go a long way in ensuring both aspects are working for your brand.

As one of your largest sources of energy consumption, lighting is also one of the leading contributors to your monthly energy bill — up to 50%, in fact. On average, up to 30% of the energy your organization uses could be going to waste. Proactive lighting maintenance services help identify opportunities to retrofit outdated equipment, implement energy-saving and intelligent control systems, and adjust settings to reduce your consumption and maintain workplace productivity.

In this guide, we’ll explore multiple aspects of your lighting systems and the importance of lighting maintenance services for maximizing performance, reducing costs, and strengthening your brand image.

Exterior Lighting Maintenance

Along with key brand assets such as signage and the building exterior itself, exterior lighting is one of the first physical brand elements that your customers and employees experience. When it’s working efficiently and the exterior area of your facility is properly illuminated, they won’t think anything of it. But just one flickering parking lot light or one underperforming building light immediately sends a noticeable message that they’re not likely to forget — especially during the later hours when customers expect lighting to keep them safe and guide them.

Exterior lighting maintenance is critical for delivering on those expectations. Your lighting maintenance services provider will visit your locations (during the daytime and nighttime) on a cyclical basis to ensure that all exterior lighting systems are working properly and are delivering ample illumination. Any issues are identified before they become larger, more costly problems. Your partner can also provide strategic recommendations, such as replacing existing lighting components based on expected lifecycle.

Interior Lighting Maintenance

Let’s say all is well with your exterior lighting, and a customer arrives to shop or sit down for a meal. They walk inside — only to be met with a dim environment, a cacophony of flickering fluorescent/HID lights, or lighting with strange color temperatures. Just as a poorly performing lighting system on the exterior of a building will grab their attention, so too will poorly performing interior lighting. This negative experience might be all that’s needed to turn them away forever.

Including interior lighting maintenance in your overall preventive maintenance program will ensure such situations are mitigated before they even occur. While you can’t proactively prevent every lamp from having an issue, assessing them on a consistent basis (and replacing components ahead of expected lifecycles ending) goes a long way in providing positive, memorable experiences for your customers and employees while eliminating doubts about safety and maximizing the impact that lighting has on sales.

Sign Lighting Maintenance

In addition to lighting systems themselves, most exterior building signage and some interior signage is illuminated. You’ve seen the problems a lack of preventive lighting maintenance can have when it comes to signage: awkward spellings of brand names creating public image issues and confusion for customers. Left unaddressed, signage problems can damage the perception consumers have of your brand — making it appear your organization or the facilities themselves don’t care or have the resources to fix the problem.

Sign lighting maintenance is another crucial service to include in your preventive maintenance program. Just as exterior lighting is reviewed on a cycle, signage illumination is reviewed by expert crews to assess whether the electrical components behind the letter sets are functioning properly and whether they need to be replaced. For many brands, a properly functioning sign is essential for upholding a specific image. Sign lighting maintenance ensures that image never falters.

Experience the Difference That Lighting Maintenance Services Can Make for Your Brand

Every day, Stratus is helping some of the largest, most recognizable brands nationwide implement and maintain their most important assets. With a complete portfolio of lighting solutions ranging from LED retrofits and upgrades to Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS) solutions and more, there’s nothing our expert Energy Division can’t tackle.

Committed to helping you strengthen your lighting to maximize brand appeal while also reducing your energy costs, our team relentlessly pursues rebate opportunities while designing, managing, and installing lighting maintenance services programs at all of your locations. Whether you have a few dozen facilities or a few thousand, our program management capabilities ensure your lighting maintenance moves forward efficiently.

At all times, you and your team will have access to program data and financial information via our online portal. Your dedicated account management team will also meet with you frequently to provide updates, navigate any program variations, and report in on progress — including providing you with estimated payback periods so you can see how quickly your energy improvements will offset the program cost.

Ready to see how our lighting maintenance services can help you achieve your goals? Connect with our energy division today.