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Attract and Retain Customers with Quality Outdoor ATM Signs

The Importance of Outdoor ATM Signs

Outdoor ATM signs contribute to a well-branded and maintained ATM area, providing a fantastic customer experience. These markers, coupled with the rest of your financial institution’s signage, are crucial to attracting, retaining, and building trust with your customers.

Signage does more than contribute to brand awareness and catch the attention of new customers, however — they also serve as a reminder to your existing customers that you’re present in their communities and are ready to serve. Most importantly, they are a significant contributor to building trust with your audience because they demonstrate your financial institution’s integrity and focus on providing a positive customer experience.

People likely won’t take their business to a bank with outdated or worn-out ATM branding, so using distinct, straightforward, and clean signage will let potential or returning customers know you care about the image you put forward. Most importantly, signage such as outdoor ATM signs helps your customers find this important service with little effort.

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Opportunities to Take Your Outdoor ATM Signs to the Next Level

New or Replacement ATM Signage Installation

While regular, preventative maintenance can extend the life of your sign, outdoor signage — including outdoor ATM signs — won’t last forever. Over time, exposure to the elements can leave signs looking old and neglected. A brand-new sign can revitalize your brand, injecting it with new energy your customers will surely notice. Examples of outdoor ATM signs that periodically need to be replaced or revitalized include:

  • Exterior building signs, such as smaller signs attached to the bank structure
  • Overhead signage on canopies that indicate an ATM is available
  • Smaller signs attached to a larger branded pillar or street sign

Converting Old ATM Signage to New Branding

Is your financial institution considering a new brand signage rollout? Perhaps you’re planning a rebrand to revitalize your image after years of serving your community, or following a recent merger. You may also be looking into energy-saving signage options. Along with other branch signage, engineering and installing new outdoor ATM signage can help refresh your brand.

Throughout the banking and financial services industries, it’s also becoming increasingly common to see institutions decommissioning branches as a result of shifts in consumer preferences and other methods of automating typical banking transactions. As a result, banks that are consolidating their footprint may need to remove current outdoor ATM signs and revitalize existing signage at other locations that will now be serving a wider area. The same applies to financial institutions that have merged and now need to consolidate or replace current outdoor signage with that of the new brand.

Incorporating Other Brand Assets

Outdoor ATM signs can be more dynamic and engaging than traditional signage. Remember, how well you engage your customers impacts whether they’ll return. Going beyond the typical “ATM ➡” sign creates a more captivating, memorable experience and process. Incorporating vinyl graphics, illuminated surrounds, branded canopies, and other branded features ensures that customers will be more likely to identify your ATMs and remember them for future needs.

A key opportunity for banks looking to establish themselves in their communities is experiential graphics. Incorporating local cultural elements, history, and other features into your branding cements your brand in an image customers already recognize and creates a more meaningful connection. Consider ways you can enhance your outdoor ATM signage and other physical brand assets with these elements.

Go deeper: Learn more about experiential branding.

Protect Your Investment with Outdoor ATM Sign Maintenance

Maintaining the quality of your outdoor ATM signs is a crucial step to ensuring customers keep coming back. Implementing an emergency and preventative maintenance program ensures that your physical brand assets are able to provide patrons with a fantastic customer experience with each and every visit.

Preventive maintenance programs are highly customizable, allowing you to have your signage elements and other assets reviewed by qualified professionals throughout your footprint on a cycle that works for you — whether that’s monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or some other schedule. Perhaps the greatest benefit of preventive maintenance is that it allows you to mitigate the financial and operational impact of an unexpected surprise, such as an outage, which can have a more negative effect the longer it remains unresolved. Examples of preventive maintenance for outdoor ATM signs include:

  • Night illumination surveys to determine the functionality of ATM signs
  • Signage assessments used to identify insufficient lighting
  • Facility inspections to identify issues around ATM signage
  • Cleaning programs for maintaining signage appearance

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Make Your Outdoor ATM Signs Count

Outdoor ATM signs play a considerable role in the attraction and retention of your customers. Providing a great customer experience through well-maintained signage drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Whether you’re looking to implement new outdoor ATM signs or are exploring options to update current signage, we can help. Our in-house signage manufacturing capabilities, extensive network of more than 4,000 field partners, detailed program management approach, and asset warehousing and logistics ensure that these crucial brand assets will be implemented and cared for efficiently from day one.

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