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5 Retail Interior Refresh Solutions that Increase Foot Traffic

In-Store Shopping Dominates Over Online Options

The COVID-19 pandemic was expected to upend previous shopping tendencies, moving us all into permanent online shoppers, and decimating the physical store landscape. However, as we enter a “new normal,” more people prefer in-store shopping over online consumerism. That means your retail location has the opportunity to pull in more customers—and cash—than during the pandemic. If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your physical location during this boom, we have five retail interior refresh solutions you can implement to increase foot traffic and sales.

1. Prioritize Customer Convenience with Upgraded Technology

Today’s consumers are accustomed to ordering an item online, and having it delivered to their door. However, not everyone wants to wait for a delivery or worry about porch pirates. That’s why brick and mortar stores are prioritizing customer convenience with buy-online, pick-up-in-store options.

Organizing your store for efficient direct-to-consumer distribution could dramatically increase foot traffic. Incorporating no-touch pickup centers, self-checkout kiosks, return hubs, and more offer a centralized retail space for greater customer convenience and satisfaction.

2. Re-Evaluate Your Lighting

People are more likely to patronize your store if it’s well-lit and inviting. Warm, comfortable lighting will draw in more customers than bright, cool lighting. Though cool lighting is a fantastic option for product spotlights, it isn’t pleasing to the eye and can turn off customers from a retail space.

Installing LED lighting can potentially draw in more customers and lead to more sales. LED lights are brighter than traditional lighting options, and their temperature can be adjusted to fit your specific brand. It doesn’t have to be a massively expensive or time-consuming endeavor, either. You can choose to retrofit LED lighting onto your existing infrastructure, eliminating the expense of an entire electrical overhaul. LED lighting also provides exceptional ROI, maximizes energy savings, and minimizes maintenance spend, reducing your costs significantly.

3. Create Experiential Graphics

Developing community appreciation can strengthen customer loyalty for your brand. What better way to show your involvement in the community than creating experiential wall graphics for your store? Not only will the community come to your store to see the graphics, they may become repeat customers as well.

There are a range of options to choose from when deciding on experiential graphics. You might choose an interactive digital solution, forms of signage that contribute to the overall customer experience, or numerous print and vinyl graphics options.

4. Brighten Up Your Store with a New Coat of Paint

Customers are going to be more attracted to a building that looks well-kept than one that’s worn down. Interior paint makes your business more appealing to consumers, encouraging them to stay longer and return in the future. It’s a quick and worthwhile investment that can do wonders for your bottom line.

5. Incorporate a Regular Maintenance Schedule

We’ve already established that physical stores need to be inviting to attract foot traffic. A big part of keeping up your location is implementing a regular maintenance schedule. That way, you’ll actively mitigate small issues that could turn into large eyesores for your customers.

A quality maintenance provider will offer preventative maintenance programs along with on-call emergency maintenance should the need arise. With that asset in hand, you can be assured your location will always be looking its best, encouraging customers to enter and return at a future date.

Work with an Experienced Retail Interior Refresh Solutions Provider

When you need to increase your store’s foot traffic, rely on a skilled retail interior refresh solutions provider. Stratus is a nationwide brand implementation company serving some of the largest industries in the country. Whether you’re looking to install or upgrade lighting and signage, build a brand environment, refresh or remodel your location, or someone to complete regular maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

Our business is built on 150 years of success; we have experience implementing minor and major projects to build, monitor, and improve your infrastructure. With multiple locations throughout the U.S. and hundreds of employees, we can provide quick and thorough support for small or large brands. Our advanced internal capabilities and commitment to your success ensure your experience is second to none.

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