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5 Energy Management Solutions to Save You Money

Managing energy costs and usage is a focus for most organizations in an environment where green-friendly initiatives and high demand apply ever-increasing pressure. Learn how Stratus can help.

The need for energy management solutions is greater than ever as companies seek to both reduce how much energy they use and the costs related to that utilization. Increases in energy prices — impacted by factors ranging from supply chain challenges, shortages caused by notable failures of providing systems, and high demand — are expected to surge in the short term. This will put the onus on companies even more to seek ways to upgrade current energy programs, improve lighting or electrical systems, or incorporate controls to better regulate their energy expenditures.

Energy management gives organizations tools to control both the amount of energy they use and what it costs to implement. In addition, such programs will offer brand identity benefits and attract younger customers and employees who may be more conscious about corporate social responsibility. However, many commercial facilities and businesses don’t have their own energy management solutions teams, or lack the resources to carry out such initiatives.

But there are many reasons to explore working with a dedicated partner to pursue these programs:

  • Cut cost by decreasing energy consumption and competitive procurement
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Track utility costs for more accurate insight into budgets and operational costs
  • Less reliance on volatile supply chains

From LED retrofits and energy audits, to control systems, EV charging stations, and renewable energy, there are many ways the right energy management solutions partner can provide tangible benefits to your business. Today we’ll examine five such solutions that Stratus can execute to help you realize positive energy impacts.

Everything We Do: At Stratus, we create ideal solutions from infinite possibilities for our clients through signage, branding, refresh & remodel services, and much more.

5 Energy Management Solutions

LED Upgrades and Retrofits

By upgrading or retrofitting your signage and lighting at your facilities and sites, companies can take advantage of energy savings, rebates, and more. In addition, LED upgrades and retrofits can improve the working conditions in facilities and improve the safety features of parking lots and other spaces.

At Stratus, we’ll work with you to understand your energy management needs and design a comprehensive program to fulfill them. With interior or exterior lighting or signage improvements you’ll reduce both your energy consumption as well as annual energy costs.

Lighting the Way to Better Results: Learn how Stratus executed a lighting retrofit project that helped a major retail distribution center save more than $395,000 annually in energy costs.

Control Systems & IoT

Your facilities are using energy in several ways every second of every day. Whether that is HVAC systems kicking on and off, lighting systems being used during and outside of work hours, or other systems relying on power to operate, the costs to operate these systems are always there. The overall energy rates and levels depend on how many people are in the facility, where they’re at, and what they’re doing.

Using advanced technology, Stratus can connect these systems — referred to as building management systems (BMS) or building automation systems (BAS) — to monitor and control these systems 24/7/365. With IoT-enabled tools and platforms, we can give you seamless control to account for long weekends or periods of low building activity so you’re better able to control energy costs.

Let Us Illuminate Energy Savings: At Stratus, we can implement lighting control systems that contribute to a 30% drop in annual lighting costs. Learn more here.

Renewable Energy

A holistic approach to energy management solutions will include not only those that provide immediate improvements to energy usage — like LED upgrades — but long-term plans as well. Embracing renewable energy solutions, like solar, will require a partner that will work with you to evaluate the readiness of your facilities to implement solar (or wind) energy solutions.

As an environmentally friendly and consistent renewable energy source, solar panels also enable you to benefit from numerous incentives and rebates. The Stratus energy team will work with you from the beginning, ensuring that all your targets and objectives are met with your program and that you’re able to take complete advantage of the numerous incentives available to you.

Let Us Illuminate Energy Savings: In this case study, read how Stratus helped Goodyear apply energy solutions for more than a dozen sites across three Hawaiian Islands.

EV Charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a rapidly developing trend in the automotive space and quickly become accepted as the norm in the near future. Stratus will help your organization by determining the right station type, appropriate sources of power, and emissions reporting as well as signage and installation support.

We’ve worked with organizations in transportation, automotive, C-stores, and more to assist with their EV charging requirements. From creating branded signage for the stations, to building them, and powering them with energy-efficient systems, Stratus is the end-to-end contact for EV charging programs.

Spark Your EV Charging Initiatives: Learn more about the benefits of EV charging stations for business, including customer attraction and retention.

Acquiring Additional Data

As a leading provider of energy services, Stratus partners with you for a wide array of additional energy management initiatives. We can pursue voice and data integration systems, get you back on your feet with disaster recovery services, and maintain your energy management solutions once they’ve been installed.

Stratus can also empower your energy management efforts with data and information. We can help you determine the right solutions for your facility with detail-driven site surveys. Our photometrics service consists of a simulation and report of your facilities and their lighting for a complete ‘map’ of the lighting coverage. Our Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS) helps complete a full LED retrofit with no out-of-pocket costs and a single service teammate.

Get Actionable Data to Drive Decisions: In this case study, see how US Bank turned to Stratus to execute hundreds of site surveys to identify energy incentives and rebates by priority.

Stratus Specializes in Energy Management Solutions

Addressing energy costs, providing a better and safe environment for workers and customers, and displaying an environmentally-conscious thought process for brand identity benefits are all valuable reasons for proactive organizations to begin taking charge of their energy programs. Stratus, one of the leading brand implementation companies in the U.S. and Canada, has the capability to craft solutions across multiple industries in a wide array of areas.

Just as importantly, Stratus has the reach, connections, and expertise to execute energy management solutions of any scale. Our field partner network ensures we’re able to manage multiple installations at once, whether you have a few dozen sites or a few hundred — across one state or several. Our project management team is led by experienced professionals who oversee every detail of the complete initiative, from concept to completion.

We’ll make sure your project stays on track with a variety of reporting tools, proprietary software, and dashboards to keep you constantly updated about its progress. With Stratus you’ll be dealing with one point of contact throughout; with our energy management warehousing and logistics support you’ll have a centralized hub to contain your lighting upgrades, brand assets, EV charging equipment, and more.

Working with multiple points of contact for your brand assets can quickly become overwhelming and even lead to delays and other challenges. That’s why Stratus offers our brand refresh warehousing and logistics support — to help you centralize everything through one trusted partner.

Connect with our team today to learn more about how we can provide infinite possibilities and ideal energy management solutions.