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3 Types of Construction Projects: Which is Right for You?

Tailor Your Ideal Improvements From Multiple Scopes

By utilizing different types of construction projects, organizations can implement consistent and improved branding experiences, vitalize core systems, and enhance the productivity of employees — while also increasing the comfort of customers. By exploring a variety of commercial renovation options for your business, you’ll find the one that fits your specific needs and goals.

Every company, whether they have one location or a 1,000, should investigate renovation, remodel, or refresh options for their facilities and buildings — particularly public-facing properties. The relationship between consumer purchase intention and the overall store atmosphere is already well established. According to published research, if a consumer feels satisfied with the environment — cleanliness, temperature, lighting, color, design, etc. — they will be more likely to spend more time and purchase more in the establishment.

But providing a pleasant atmosphere and experience isn’t a one-time goal. It needs to be consistent — for each consumer visit — and wide-spread throughout your entire footprint. Consistency is invaluable toward building positive brand awareness and response. Nearly a fifth of consumers say they will dump a brand after just one negative experience, and that number jumps to 59% if they experience multiple sub-par experiences. On the other hand, presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can lead to increased revenues of up to 23%.

Clearly, it’s essential to refresh and remodel your properties and — most importantly — to mitigate or eliminate any potential negative experiences due to outdated concepts, inconsistent branding, worn or dingy interiors, and broken or ineffective fixtures and signage. Let’s look at three types of construction projects and how each can address those concerns.

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Find The Right Type of Construction Project


Even minor updates to the interior or exteriors of your facilities can have a significant impact on brand perception and customer satisfaction. Refresh services involve light construction for multiple locations with a short timeframe, and when executed throughout your footprint can create an improved, consistent appearance that delivers positive customer experiences in each location.

Examples of refresh services include store conversions, painting, general carpentry, fixture assembly, minor electrical, and other quick-turn services to get multiple facilities up to brand standards. Exterior, interior, and wayfinding signage updates and light rebranding efforts can also fall under the refresh umbrella.

Stratus can execute these high-volume, low-work updates at all your facilities. Our trained on-site team and our extensive field partner network are accustomed to working in an open store environment and typically need less than five days per site with many locations being worked simultaneously.

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A quick-turn refresh service won’t be enough if your facilities and retail locations require more substantial updates. If you’re looking to expand, support growth, or modify your interior layout and design, you might need to relocate or construct new walls, install new electrical and plumbing service, or other significant changes that will take more than a few days to complete. For these requirements, you need more extensive building remodeling solutions.

Many specific tasks will require full remodeling services including ADA compliance updates, extensive interior and exterior signage changes, select or major demolition, sidewalk and parking lot updates, new flooring and furniture installation, energy system upgrades, landscaping, and more. The type of construction project will be more involved in both scope and time needed to complete.

At Stratus, our remodeling capabilities are available at the same nationwide scale as our refresh service. We’ll take the same strategic approach to minimize the impact on-site operations, store sales, and customer experience. We’ll also work with you on developing proper plans, obtaining the required permits or architectural stamps, and coordinating the most effective overall approach.

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Major Remodel

Of the types of construction projects outlined here, this is the most substantial and encompasses the largest scale. Whether you’re undertaking a full remodel of a big box facility, or preparing new building initiatives, the Stratus team will bring all of its capabilities to bear on this type of project.

Each major remodeling project will be overseen and managed by one or more of our W-2 superintendents as well as our program management team. Our team will be supported by our signage, energy services, and repair & management divisions to ensure all aspects are considered. Whether you need a store expansion, new plumbing, electrical and/or HVAC systems, large-scale fixture installations and/or finishing, new store facades, fresh concrete, demolition, and site prep — or all of the above — our team works closely with you on every detail to ensure your program is a success.

With countless details to manage in such remodeling projects, Stratus is equipped to account for all of them with our brand refresh warehousing and logistics support. We’ll keep apprised and deliver an exceptional, streamlined refresh program experience that runs smoothly from start to finish. Rather than spend time dealing with multiple vendors for handling, storing, and shipping your brand assets, our team will be your point of contact for everything from logistics and kitting to delivery and installation.

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Stratus Executes All Types of Construction Projects

As leading brand implementation experts, Stratus is ready to help you remodel your facilities to create the image and experience your customers and employees deserve. Our refresh & remodel team is supported by our signage, energy, and repair & maintenance divisions to ensure you have complete support for your program — not just during its implementation but also for years to come.

Every brand installation project is carefully handled by our talented program management team that strategizes and plans the most effective approach, including coordinating with our national network of more than 2,300 field partners. At each step, our team keeps you informed and communicates all important delivery and installation dates so you know what to expect.

Our refresh & remodel division completes thousands of refresh projects, remodels, and major remodel initiatives for companies nationwide each year. And with more than 35 W-2 superintendents overseeing our refresh & remodel projects, we’ll ensure that your remodel program is completed on time, on budget, and on-brand.

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