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Financial Branding: What You Need to Know

Engage and Delight Your Customers With High-Quality Financial Branding Services

Creating meaningful, engaging brand experiences deepen your connection with your customers. But, how do you do that? Investing in your branding touchpoints is key. Spending time considering the most important touchpoints for your consumers can show them you care about their experience and keep them coming back in the future. We’re diving into the most impactful financial branding touchpoints and how to get the most out of your financial branding services. Let’s get started.

Types of Financial Branding Touchpoints

Before we start talking about the most important brand touchpoints, we need to explain what they are. A branding touchpoint occurs any time a person interacts with your brand, whether it’s online or in-store. These can include digital assets and interactions like email, social media, or your website. They can also include physical assets such as store signage, lighting, and design.

All of your branding touchpoints have a profound impact on how potential and returning customers perceive your business. As such, you must regularly inspect and update them to keep your customers engaged.

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Now that we’ve established what financial branding touchpoints are and why they’re important, let’s go over the most essential touchpoints for your institution.

Exterior Signage

Exterior signage communicates your brand and is often the first impression a customer has with your business. As such, it needs to be up-to-date and functioning correctly to draw in quality customers. A quality financial branding services provider will likely prioritize your exterior signage because it promises consistent brand exposure and effectively communicates your organization to potential customers.

Interior Signage

Just as exterior signage is imperative to drawing in customers, interior signage exists to uphold the image and essence of your brand once customers are inside. These can be as simple as static signs or you could upgrade your facility with digital signage.

Off-Site ATMs

Are your off-site ATMs sufficiently branded? Adding ATM acrylic surrounds can help enhance the user experience and even increase the perceived trustworthiness of that location. Investing in this branding touchpoint keeps customers coming back in the future.

Parking Lot Lighting

Quality parking lot lighting is imperative to illuminating your facilities through the night and increasing customer safety. Regular maintenance checks can ensure your lighting is working correctly, and quickly mitigate any issues when they arise.

Brand Environments

Brand environments are a great way to capture your brand essence through high-end interior signage and customized large-format vinyl graphics. These assets make a lasting impact on your audience and make them form a connection with your brand.

Refresh and Remodels

Has it been a while since your financial institution got a facelift? Updating your look, replacing worn-out furniture, or making other simple upgrades shows your customers you care about their experience.

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LED Retrofits

LED lighting is becoming the standard for organizations across the U.S. In fact, California recently passed a law that will phase out most fluorescent light bulb sales in the next few years. Switching to LED bulbs now will improve your displays and save you money on utility costs.

Facilities Maintenance

Investing in your brand assets is important, but implementing a quality facilities maintenance program is even more imperative. If your assets are not well taken care of, customers are less likely to patronize your facility.

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Work With One of the Leading Financial Branding Services Providers

If it’s time that you re-evaluated your branding touchpoints, reach out to Stratus. As a leading financial branding services provider, we’re well-versed in optimizing your branding touchpoints to foster and retain customer relationships. We’ve worked with countless financial institutions and would love to help you with your next project.

But, why should you choose Stratus? There are numerous companies that could help you update your assets, after all. The answer lies in our experience and extensive capabilities.

Stratus is based on more than 150 combined years of success in the branding space. As such, we’re a leading provider of signage, maintenance, energy management solutions, refresh and remodel, and brand environments to companies across the globe.

Many large companies get bogged down due to their sheer size and the difficulty with handling many different moving parts. Stratus is different. We employ hundreds of partners through our field partner network, which helps us quickly get to your location and provide you quality service. All of our partners are thoroughly vetted by Stratus and are overseen by your dedicated Stratus project management team.

Another aspect that sets us apart from our competitors is our technology framework. We offer a variety of apps, reporting software, dashboards, and benchmarking tools to ensure you easily and instantly understand where your projects stand. Using these tools, you can track the various details and stages of a project, such as permitting, bids, performance changes, asset inventory, and more.

Additionally, we offer complete manufacturing services for almost any signage requirement, which ensures your critical brand elements consistently deliver engaging moments at all times.

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