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Exploring the Different Types of Signage for Businesses

Variety in Signage Presents Opportunity for Tailored Solutions

It remains as true now as ever; the right signage can make a significant difference in attracting and retaining customers. Whether you’re running a regional chain of retail stores with a handful of locations, or responsible for hundreds or thousands of spots as part of a quick-service restaurant enterprise, understanding the various types of signage and their benefits can help you make informed decisions that boost your brand visibility and customer engagement.

And make no mistake, signage remains an essential part of generating and keeping business. One survey found that 54% of American consumers failed to find a business because the organization’s sign was too small or unclear. Improving signage has a proven ROI as well. Research showed that 60% of businesses reported average sales increases of at least 10% after adding or updating their signage.

Signage uses visual components, like different materials, colors, graphics, and text, to communicate messages to your audience. Generally speaking, signage can fall into one of four general categories— indoor, outdoor, digital, and wayfinding—with each serving a specific purpose from attracting customers to providing directions, and more. Today, however, we’ll dial in on types of signage, exploring everything from traditional monument signs to innovative digital menu boards.

Detailing the Many Types of Signage

Before we start detailing specific examples, it’s important to note that some signage solutions can encompass multiple types of signage. Given the nearly limitless possibilities, you should work with a proven signage solutions provider with substantial experience in manufacturing and program management before embarking on this extensive branding operation.

Experience across many industries is also essential as this allows your signage partner to tap into expertise that can alleviate potential issues or solve challenges before they become program-threatening problems.

Monument Signage

Monument signs are freestanding structures that sit at eye level, offering a solid and permanent look for any establishment. They are typically constructed from materials like stone, brick, wood, or concrete, providing a durable and high-quality entrance marker. These signs are ideal for corporate campuses, shopping centers, churches, and residential communities, as they effectively communicate an aura of stability and prestige. Their ground-level positioning makes them easily readable, ensuring your brand or message makes a strong impression on passersby.

Monument Signage

Channel Letter Signage

Channel letter signs are custom-made metal or plastic letters commonly used in business signage. They are highly versatile and can be illuminated or non-illuminated, making them a popular choice for retail stores, restaurants, and malls. These signs offer a three-dimensional appearance that can dramatically increase a business’s visibility, especially at night. The customizable nature of channel letters allows businesses to match their branding precisely, including font, color, and size, providing a tailored look that stands out.

Radio Flyer Channel Letters

Pylon Signage

Pylon signs are tall, freestanding structures that offer high visibility from a distance, making them perfect for businesses located near highways or large roads. These signs are mounted on a single or double pole and can be single or double-sided. They are commonly used by shopping centers, gas stations, and restaurants to attract the attention of motorists. Pylon signs can accommodate multiple tenants and are an excellent way for businesses to make a significant impact and draw in customers from afar.

Mack Pylon Sign

Cabinet Signage

Cabinet signs, also known as box signs or lightbox signs, consist of a metal frame with a translucent panel that can be illuminated from within. These signs are customizable, allowing for various shapes, sizes, and graphics. Cabinet signs are durable and provide excellent visibility both day and night, making them suitable for businesses looking to boost their brand recognition. They are commonly mounted to walls or poles and can be designed to match the aesthetic of any business, offering a versatile signage solution.

Pilot Cabinet Sign

Vacuum Formed Signage

Vacuum form signs are created using a process that molds plastic around a carved or machined mold to create a three-dimensional sign face. This technique allows for detailed textures, shapes, and designs, resulting in eye-catching signage that stands out. These signs are often illuminated from the back or sides, enhancing their visibility and impact. Vacuum form signs are commonly used in movie theaters, amusement parks, and retail settings, offering a unique and attractive way to capture the attention of customers.

DQ Vacuum Formed Sign

Neon Signage

Neon signs are iconic for their bright, glowing tubes that can be shaped into letters, logos, or artistic designs. They offer a retro yet timeless appeal, creating an ambiance that can’t be replicated with other lighting methods. Neon signs are perfect for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and vintage-themed businesses looking to add character and visibility to their establishment. Despite the rise of LED technology, neon signs remain popular for their unique warmth and charm.

Wayfinding and ADA Signage

Navigating a space should be effortless and inclusive, which is where wayfinding and ADA compliant signs come in. These signs are essential for guiding visitors through a space while ensuring accessibility for all. Businesses like hospitals, schools, and public spaces benefit from clear, compliant signage that facilitates easy navigation and a positive visitor experience.

OK Health Wayfinding

Large Format Graphics

Large format graphics are visually impactful signs and prints used for advertising, branding, or decorative purposes. These can include wall murals, window graphics, floor decals, and banners. Large format graphics are printed using advanced digital technology, allowing for high-resolution imagery and vibrant colors. They are an excellent way to make a bold statement, transform a space, or promote products and services and can be tailored to fit any promotional or branding needs.

Valero printed graphic

Fuel Price Signage

For gas stations, fuel price signs are a necessity, providing clear and changeable displays of current prices. Digital fuel price signs offer the convenience of remote updating, saving time and ensuring accuracy. These signs can be digital or manual, but all serve the crucial function of communicating prices to motorists quickly and efficiently, a key factor in driving customer choice and loyalty.

Racetrac Gas Pricer

Multi-Tenant Signage

Multi-tenant signs are collaborative signage solutions for locations housing multiple businesses, such as shopping malls or office parks. These signs consolidate branding for all tenants, offering a unified appearance that is both efficient and effective in guiding customers to their desired destination. Multi-tenant signs can be monument, pylon, or cabinet style, offering a cohesive look that benefits all businesses represented.

Little Caesars Multi Tenant Signage

Digital or Electronic Menu Boards

Revolutionize your restaurant or cafe with digital menu boards, which offer unparalleled flexibility and visual appeal. Update your offerings in real-time, highlight specials, and engage customers with attractive visuals. Digital menu boards not only enhance the dining experience but also streamline operations and can influence purchasing decisions.

EMC Signage

Strengthen All Types of Signage with Stratus

Choosing the right type of signage is pivotal in setting your business apart and connecting with your target audience to develop a deeper relationship. From the permanence of monument signs to the dynamic appeal of digital menu boards, each sign type offers unique benefits that can enhance your brand visibility, customer experience, and overall business success. Consider the specific needs and objectives of your business to select the signage that will best support your goals.

At Stratus, we’re a foremost brand implementation company that executes tens of thousands of projects nationwide every year— including signage, energy solutions, facilities maintenance, refresh and remodel projects, and brand environments. We can help with signage solutions, no matter how large your footprint or the number of your locations.

We provide peace of mind throughout every phase of your project, from technology tooling to keep you informed at every step to an extensive field partner network that enables swift service. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities mean we can tackle any signage challenge and your program is always guided by experienced project managers and a single point of contact to keep communication constant and concise.

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