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4 Facility Maintenance Solutions to Make Your Life Easier & Brand Stronger

As a facility manager, operations manager, or other leader in your organization, overseeing your locations is a significant responsibility.

And that responsibility will only continue to increase as your organization grows and adds to its footprint. Many industries have experienced tremendous growth as a result of sweeping events and trends in the world today. Leading brands have begun prioritizing updates to their physical brand assets to keep up — think signage, interior finishes, and more — across markets such as convenience stores, hotels, grocery stores, financial institutions, restaurants, and many others.

Whether you’ve experienced similar growth or are looking to institute some other type of change, what matters most is preserving your brand across all of your locations so that you are in the best position possible. During complex times like these, customers are putting greater focus on brands, their appearance, what they stand for, how they’re managing energy, and how their in-store experiences make them feel. Your physical brand assets play a crucial role in imparting the right message to those customers every day.

Here, we’ll explore a handful of facility maintenance solutions that can help you protect your brand assets and ensure that you’re delivering the right experience as you grow and navigate change.

Signage Maintenance

We’ve said it before and we’ll never stop saying it because it’s true — signage is one of your most important brand assets. It’s the first thing your customers look for when they’re en route to a location, and they’ll see your signage every time they visit. When it’s properly illuminated, clean, and in good condition, they probably won’t think twice about it. But if even one letter is burned out, or a years’ worth of bird nests and dirt have gunked up its appearance, they’ll be sure to take note. And the longer it goes unaddressed, the longer that negative brand experience will leave an impact.

Periodic Refreshes

The interiors of your locations are massive contributors to brand perception. Dirty, damaged, or worn-out fixtures, flooring, and other surfaces make customers feel uncomfortable and make them expedite their visit so they can get out quickly. While larger remodels are common every several years, more frequent refreshes can quickly bring a space up to date. Examples of refresh work include painting, minor repairs, fixture swaps, new counters, updated flooring, and other quick-turn work that doesn’t require crews to be on-site for more than a day or two.

Lighting Audits & Upgrades

Another facilities maintenance solution to include in a consistent program is managing interior and exterior lighting. Lighting has the power to dramatically influence customer perceptions as well as safety. Exterior lighting that is outdated or poorly functioning can deter customers from choosing your location over others. Poorly functioning interior lighting can impact sales, reduce the productivity of your employees, and more. Outdated lighting systems (interior and exterior) can also have a significant impact on your energy footprint and lead to excess costs over time.

  • Solution: Lighting audits can identify instances of poor illumination, allowing you an opportunity to upgrade them and make your customers and employees feel more comfortable, which leads to a better overall brand experience. Explore efficient lighting solutions here.

Preventive Maintenance

Now that we’ve touched on signage, your facilities themselves, and lighting performance, it’s critical that you protect those assets over time. Upgrades and improvements help, but they can only make a lasting impact by keeping them in good condition. Wear and tear will happen, but keeping these assets looking their best with proactive facility maintenance solutions ensures that each time a customer visits, they’ll be more focused on meeting their needs and not on damaged or malfunctioning brand assets.

  • Solution: Preventive maintenance programs ensure that your physical brand assets are proactively evaluated on a consistent basis. Issues will be resolved before they have the ability to make a larger brand impact, and the long-term benefit is a stronger brand perception in your customer base. Learn more about preventive maintenance programs here.

Wherever Your Brand Engages with Customers, We’ll Be There to Support Its Success

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As your brand implementation partner, we bring a number of facility maintenance solutions to the table in each relationship. Taking a program-level approach, a dedicated team works with you to identify the most ideal opportunities across our focus areas. We then lead the way, working with a vast network of more than 4,000 proven field partners across the U.S. and Canada to keep your brand shining brightly for all to see. Our in-house signage manufacturing capabilities, advanced technology offerings, warehousing and logistics services, and installation capabilities mean we’re your central resource for all of your physical branding needs.

Whether you’re looking for a new partner to help you navigate change as a result of growth or industry shifts, or you’re not seeing the results you want from a current partner, our team is ready to step up to the plate.

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